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Ever right now I don't I think you're right the whole yeah I don't know if you recognize his voice but you certainly can understand what it is that he's saying you get the jets do you smell what Mike shield is stepping in all my gosh I don't know if this is right there with Antonio brown face booking live from a post game locker room celebration in which Mike Tomlin starts where it about the patriots and I don't even know if we know which cardinal took this video but one of the cardinals inside their club house the visiting clubhouse Linda took a video of Mike shield in this profanity laced excited to rant about I don't care who we're going to play next we're gonna believe up love love love I mean I get it you're full of adrenaline I I don't have any issues with Mike chilled talking to his team and a conversation that he thinks is private but I don't Chris if you want to do a quick Google search and see if we know which cardinal relief that audio slash video yeah it's it's it's pretty incredible to have it out there again I don't think that the manager expected that it would be on the internet for all the world to see and hear it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio obviously that's the victorious clubhouse where the St Louis cardinals we were able to kind of cruise through after putting up a ten spot in the first inning however was the complete opposite for Michael to never it who was the guy on the mound it only lasted a third of an inning I got charged with seven runs but in a bad.

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