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And see if he can come up with something when he goes to work as patrick read now is his birdie putt while he looks at that john roms second shot at whole number thirteen rahm trying to find himself on the putting surface he does so and it's to the left of the whole it's a lengthy attempt but jon rahm as it comes back ever so slightly creeping back still rolling a little bit and john rob will have about twenty five feet for his eagle at thirteen patrick read meanwhile at whole number twelve getting ready to line up for his attempt at birdie at whole number twelve after a teashop maureen badillo to put him in very good position at whole number twelve and read lining it up some twenty feet away for birdie and not the easiest going to move a little bit on starting from left to right good role for patrick read this what's got a chance and it's gonna fall you could hear all the way up here patrick reed with a big scream as that drops and patrick reed with a birdie at twelve he's now fourteen under par for the tournament well that is huge and i have to say every time somebody has taken a bit of run the patrick reed and nash to birdie atom he's responded it's like a call and response he always seems to have a little bit of something extra in the tank could this be his year now a two shot lead over jordan spieth patrick read fourteen under par jordan speed twelve under par rickie fowler stalking a scoring opportunity at thirteen as is john roms so plenty of scoring remains in this two thousand eighteen masters but right now patrick reid delivering a big time answer at whole number twelve well it's time for a few deep breaths back to fifteen jordan spieth would love to answer patrick read eliminated jordan spieth from the matchplay event a month ago and they weren't it wasn't exactly trash talk what they did exchange some jabs was read getting the better of jordan day now jordan to try to stay just one back he's currently to back five feet for birdie putt that is a right edge putt here at fifteen starts at right edge breaks latino oh he threw the fist out there then he pointed at michael and some.

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