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Admit, I have a very flamboyant voice, but he did too, and I was just like, oh, so we like I just start with my spiel on. I was like, oh, would you like to hear about the the book, Mormon in a message from Jesus Christ today? And he's like, oh, I don't know if it's for me, I'm gay and usually like Christ and I don't get along. You know, I was like, I respect that. But like I do believe that like God and Chrysler, everyone would you like to just hear message? Because like as a missionary in the Mormon church, you also like kind of have to hit a quota, like of how many people you spoke to a day. And if you get like a new person to teach, and so we were like super close to the quotas. So that's more. But I was thinking about he was washing his car, and I just shared a simple scripture. I believe it was John three sixteen. John three sixteen is the thing that people hold up at sports games. I have no idea why, but I can tell you what John three sixteen says, are you ready? God? So loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that who so ever believe it in him should not perish but have ever lasting life. But I read that to him and he's like, oh, thank you. I'd love you guys to come back sometime and then I'm walking away with my companion, feeling confident myself. And I was like, yeah, we just got another person. Am I compounds like, oh, he's not worth our time to even like continue because he's gay and either he's gonna fall in love with one of us and he's not going to be full because like if he's living that life, so he can't be an active member of our church. And in my mind, like. It was like an earthquake because I was just like, oh, well, you just stated what you feel about me then, and you just did that whole judgmental stuff. And so I tried to combat it and I was just like, actually, like if he wanted to like maybe there's a way you know, maybe maybe God does love him still and fully and maybe there is a place for him in the church and he's just like elder. It's a waste of our time. Nathan felt like what he always feared was true that there would be no place for him in his community if he were openly gay. But when he thinks about that guy how he was like, oh, Mormonism, thanks, but no, thanks. Nathan doesn't just feel sad and scared for himself. He also feels jealous. I was really jealous that he decided to like live his life and just be himself and not giving a flying fuck about what someone else. He didn't care probably if he ever heard my companion what he said. He would just be happy and proud. And for me, I was like. Resonated with me because I got what he was saying. Because for me, I was out here. I was teaching people. I, I thought the church was a good church and I believed in it. But I knew that I was different and I knew that the church when it except me if they knew who Nathan was. It was literally like I was twenty four, seven in a play. That acting gets exhausting and lonely. The kind of lonely. You can really only feel when you're spending all your time with people who have no idea who you really are. Nathan is with his companion all the time, but he's also alone. And the two of them have a cell phone, but it is strictly to us to talk with people who want to meet up for some Mormon teachings or in case of emergency..

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