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And finally Tuesday they were complications and he was so depleted he just couldn't find it off and he died Tuesday morning he had had and Marcus talked about it on Wednesday you know he'd had the the debilitating tumor on his spine and considering what a fit individually was and it had a real runners he had a runner's build and that was because he was a dedicated the athlete and and specifically a runner and so when that hit him I mean that was that was tough at that was tough enough and then this circumstance really <hes> after he had after he was seemingly okay well on his way to getting at least some of his of his mobility and strength back you know year what year and a half removed from the back surgery but talk about the fun times and and <hes> the work on the book the two of you were were so funny bouncing off each other you doing the editing and challenging Bob Almost as the book was unfolding. Well Bob was such a funny funny guy and I'm not sure people really <hes> understood as you realize times. He was so deadpan you know I'm remember one time we were. We were talking to some trainers young trainer who is sitting Orson to a stakes race. A major stakes rates and this young guy was just so full of himself in and everything was in the first person you know I did this and that and even to the point where saying Iran three-quarters intended change you know and and Imbaba that we're looking at each other just finding this hard to believe this guy was so convinced that this horses success was doing tidily to him and so at one point bob asked him with a straight face did you train secretary and and and and the guys of no that was before my time and as we were leaving the bar Bob Leftover at me and I I kind of frowned at him and he said well so delusional I thought I would <hes> he was he was such a such a funny funny person. <hes> you would always say <hes> <hes> you know when somebody was pontificating about this that <hes> the would say well you know you can get his best ideas for fifty cents <hes> which is about the cost of newspaper at that time <hes> he he was selfie facing and he he always realized that it was about the sport in about the horses that was never about about him and and and I think that was one of the reasons he was he was such a great reporter and then we were all fortunate to see some <hes> the season great horses during the eighties nineties lease and and and you know for three decades or more <hes> we we saw some great raciness and great horses and and Bob was one of those persons who appreciated that <hes> i. I wasn't smart enough to know that these are good old times you know but he was he. He knew that these these were very special. Moments very special horses that we were <hes> that we were around and and <hes> I think no one looked the sport more than he did. I suppose because he was a runner himself. In a serious as we said is serious collegiate runner at Michigan he was in awe of of the horses and of great performers..

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