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That's short. Let's be real. And he pause halfway down for photos. So, yes. So, okay. So let's go back to the whole thing. Take her takers last match his last two mentors. He's lost. He lost to hunter and Sean, right? But Goldberg's coming out of retirement for this. I know but Gobert has the W W stamp on him, which means WWE beats WCW there for ticker. Take if it's not. But then, again, it's wrestlemainia quivalent Shoshu taker should win. It's have the deal. It's wrestlemainia. It's Saudi wrestlemainia. It should be figures badge. I mean, that's the thing that is Goldberg Goldberg last matchy lawsuit proc and but I feel like this is a okay. So I feel like for goal. Very this is a one in done like basically they went to him in. They said, okay. Look, we have this opportunity for you to do the Saudi Arabia show, you're going to get paid X amount to do it. And you're gonna face taker would you do a one time shot to do the show, and he said, yes. This is not going to continue on past this Goldberg not gonna come out of retirement. Again. This is like I said one and done taker on the other hand is going to continue on in some capacity, when we see him next after this. I don't know. And I don't even know this could be the last match. You never know what that one until he shows up again. It's his last match for last one. It's. For Goldberg saying for Gober Colbert, never said he was done done to his Ron, he was done for, for then he said, never say, never brother. You never know when the money will call October November will come around and saw when Goldberg Giner. So I feel like but because Cooper tasteful loss because he's Goldberg. No one will remember taker wins. Yeah. Takers gonna win just because it's taker number one in number two. Geek, taker doesn't appear enough to really take a lot of losses. So you have to be very careful about when and where and how you have him lose because he did lose two hundred and Sean the last couple times. He was out yet. You kinda gave him a win just to sorta. Give the banning all man something. Hey will take her Gobert. Yes. Definitely given better hair, plus mama wants points. Mixed up next. In theory, you have the WB championship on the line, as supposedly Brock listener is gonna cash on south Rollins maybe. And then it doesn't go past that away. It is. But before we do that, because it didn't scroll. It was going down. I I was was like. like I was trying to figure out where you're going with this one. It just said to me to be championship is like this, where he edited championship. Okay. Gotta bullshit. Anyway. Kofi Kingston taking on it. Should've been me doll. Ziglar been me Kofi wins. I don't feel like talking about the Kofi Winslow healthy wins. Yeah, you have to specify which old man wins, because they're too old men in that match anyway Kofi who has had the grueling schedule of going over to Africa to be in Ghana to celebrate his win comes back to the United States do smackdown. And then he has to get on a twenty hour flight to Saudi Arabia, he that he's your Chevy for reason. Hey, but will Kofi retain his title super showdown esque again later. Okay. We'll Kofi retainers title. You may rely. Okay. We may rely. Okay. All right. And then you're universal championship match again. This one is just here. You have Seth Rollins taking on barren Corbin nail the threat is that Brock listener could decide he wants to cash in his money in the Bank here in now on south Rollins, or he could just you not Seth with it. He's flying all the way of Saudi Arabia thought to do a match, but a teeth and he's getting paid damn good money to do it. And that's, that's the key folks. He's getting paid Rawls will retain his championship over barren quarter, will he walk out Saudi Arabia bell? Probably I, I honestly, don't expect Gobert or Nickelback Brock to sort of cash in. I think he may tease it. He may I show up who knows. I also show up, but I don't know if he can is in Saudi. It can hate go to Saudi Arabia. He went less. I didn't know well, because.

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