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Woman if anything she's intelligent, but when it comes to to the rats. She she believes that the rats friend, she talks to them and they're like family. So she's delusional says the rats are feeding off the animal food the homeowners stockpiles here where she used to keep stray pets they'd come in the middle of the night with U haul trucks and unload unload. This this food and others say they have health concerns because rats carry diseases, including typhus, the inspector could only check the outside of the home because the homeowner wasn't fair by did find several rat droppings. They want animals services to investigate because people say there are cats caged inside in lake Balboa, Karen Adams, Canucks, ten seventy NewsRadio was the day. Closing arguments were to begin on the molestation trial of a retired drama teacher from Anaheim. But he didn't show in court. David Bruce was found dead at his home. He's suspected suicide by the coroner will determine the cause of death. He was on trial for allegedly molesting five of his students and was facing two hundred years to life in prison if convicted. And after school instructor in Santa Ana who is arrested last week on suspicion of sexually assaulting several children and released after posting bail is back in jail. Police rearrested Eddie and Fontaine after learning of another victim a nine year old girl all the crimes that we have victims for occurred in the time period that he was at Greenville to date, corporal, Anthony Brittania with Santa Ana PD says in Fontaine worked the after school program at Greenville elementary and more recently at Spurgeon elementary. He says they believe there may be more victims if the parents know that their their children came in contact with this individual worked with this individual in the after school program, they need to have that conversation with their kids in Fontaine likely will not be bailing out. Like, he did the first time. His bail has been set at five million dollars. Margaret, caro- KNX, ten seventy NewsRadio. Multimillion dollar settlements been rates between the city of Irwindale and three teen girls who were molested while taking part of. The police explorer program the settlement came just weeks before a civil trial was to begin involve teenagers who were molested by then Irwindale officer Daniel Camerino between two thousand seven and two thousand ten attorney Anthony DeMarco said the settlement involved a record payout of the city of Irwindale and the group learning for life, which supervises develops protocols for police explorer programs for the three girls who just settled for four million dollars. Demarco says the lawsuits could have been avoided if the city had followed protocols which discouraged one on one squad car ride alongs where police and police explorers are a little for hours at a time. Call so the Irwindale police department and learning for life or comment about the settlement work returned. Pete. Demetrio KNX ten seventy NewsRadio. Eleven twenty Adrienne Mitchell. Check your buddy, huge selloff on Wall Street. The Dow down eight hundred thirty one points, the NASDAQ down three hundred sixteen and the s&p down ninety four as hurricane Michael made landfall in Florida perfect. Storm of worry hit Wall Street companies are reporting the US China trade war is hitting prophet and bond. Yields are backup making stocks less attractive the fan group attacks dunks all fell from four to eight percent with Netflix losing the most Bloomberg analysts say with earnings reports ahead Wall Street has come to expect to mazing growth Warner media is.

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