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To seek out the makers of cheese that's eaten in a very advanced stage of decomposition brought about by the digestive action of the lovey epa cheese fly he i've come to agritourism canales's which is a working farmhouse near the town of dough golly in north easton thought denia the landscape is very mountainous there is a gorge nearby a beautiful lake at below the beautiful sunny day and i'm here to try what's known as the world's most dangerous cheese qazi mazi or as it's known in this part of slovenia kozel makiko saloon under the letter to his mcconaughey lucy authority gandhi amana from an decrees mole canales in gardez when the lethal fly usually love toos the cheese who takes it becomes a mug what's the the michael to the process the food the light eating themselves and the the jason expelled them and the mic comes liquor could ima you can feel them jumping in your malta is it dangerous to eight the chief is you juice on june grimmie he had he's had the we have been eating they've because we move the for the past five thousand yes and we have not i could've anyone dying all feeding seek care about t known in my modems of the there were answering the cheese rain it's very cool in here and there's an overwhelming smell of cheese i can say some wooden shelves and maybe fifty are hundred will of round shave nominees picking went up to shame me and he's taking of the lead looks very crumbly taste very soft and i can see very very small maggots little tiny went through the same color as the cheese all right now and then a try a small pay the chief faith that thin they looked closely just down in one there's very strong a little jingling i like them thumbs in chief i didn't notice the megs the toll even though in that with them in the and now i just feel like i need a nice glass of the earth up according to ninety that a bit of old cheese does nobody any harm but even his tolerance the decomposing food pales in comparison to those were about to meet so now to some of the best consumers of rotting food in the animal kingdom wunderlist lil rel howery lead going if any well actually it's voucher but someone around head does know.

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