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Nfl have you noticed something let the last year so ben roth asperger's numbers at a very good job ally manning's probably going to lose his job at some point or give put on a different team or gagged philip rivers and the chargers are just another average below average nfl team joe flack owes gone from elite tongueincheek too bad matt ryan went from mvp to middle of the pack v p two very very up and down the nfl uh you would us said two years ago were the top ten to fifteen quarterbacks in the nfl are not anymore or a lot of them aren't any more low went from that conversation to peter drill had good broadcaster and look up now looked up at the best quarterbacks the nfl carson wentz is probably the mvp the league alex smith who used to be behind all those names i mentioned when you thought quarterbacks alex smith a legitimate mvp candidate interests first interception last week jared gaffe last year was so bad it was painful to watch chairlifts really good right now coaching shattered and jerry guscott allied from shaw mcveigh mcvayn it's paying dividends that prescott is not just a quarterback their hands the ball off to his ego it is a good quarterback is a changed changed and the quarterback names have changed and as we talk about all these reasons the nfl is that what it was five years ago i think this is a an underrated part of it uh i think his fans we've latch onto quarterbacks we know and when a quarterback we know and we are used to and we can expect from wiebe that came up a little bit and i think as the years go on the scale near feel the cowboys case still more drams gaze big peel i think that the texans games will have the feel with the.

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