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Galbraith sixty three remains blocked in Warren County between Lebanon and Monroe between seven forty one and your strong white semi on its side chucking removes radio seven hundred WLW now the latest forecast from the train heating and cooling weather center on news radio seven hundred W. L. W. a small range and still continues again this afternoon off to our eastern spots but a lot of us just stay dry partly cloudy and Heidi seven tomorrow signs up eighty seven as well that partly cloudy conditions Sunday mostly sunny in the high increases slightly to eighty eight but it will be humid outside very traditional for early August from your severe weather station I'm not first warning meteorologist Jennifer catch mark newsradio seven hundred WLW radars clear seventy one degrees right now bill coming in with the president first of all Mister president welcome again to the bill Cunningham show and also the greater Cincinnati thank you very much and you have a great show one on one with the president are beau cutting and got a few minutes backstage with Donald Trump last night before the president spoke for over an hour to a capacity crowd you can hear the interview this afternoon on the cutting and show twelve thirty three here on newsradio seven of W. O. W. see photos from the rally it's seven hundred W. O. W. dot com our next update is a ten on newsradio seven doubled up here's a tender little tale fresh from the trail about a cowboy fell in love with a cow girl named Dale it was love at first sight that's what they said sweet something sure went to their heads they walked and talked and shot the breeze held hands and kissed under the trees then the cow girl whispered let's get some food so they rode on to a place that looked good found a Roy Rogers restaurant just round the ban cowboys said wasn't Royce some kind of legend Chalgrove said works.

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