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Thanks for spending time with us on this Friday eve it is time now for the Mike drop with this morning's might Gavin good morning hope we all love our loyal pets but they can also cause havoc if we're not careful this morning after firefighters in New Mexico shared home security video of a dog that caused because the house fire by knocking over an ironing board the Los Alamos county fire department share the now viral video showing the nine month old puppy named kahuna putting is poppy front paws on the ironing board and surrounding objects to fall onto a floor great connected to the homes furnace the heat from the great because some items to melt and material traveled through the grate and entered the homes furnaces sparking the fire luckily kahuna and the families other dog pages scape the home on injured and the firefighters were able to save the home well yes so the dog is being blamed here yeah yes the iron was left on apparently I'm out over blaming the job so we are saying that you know the dog do you have to be careful yeah so yes I think humans in the end yes being are going for this okay good how the guy who does seem to be any major trouble here okay because of the you know I I would at least imagine the kahuna yes probably at least remorseful fresh on like a cat right who would give a rip about starting a house fire because you left the iron on right to be like you know it was your fault you left it on teaching you a lesson Dolly that's excellent my that's right that so he's got me thinking it serves you right for doing this and now you won't do it again right the you should be thanking me is what the cat would be other units agreed and his story likely to give you a headache before even hear the whole thing a Chinese acrobat broke his own Guinness world record when he climbed thirty six stairs while standing on his head Leo long long managed to climb thirty six pairs without touching the steps with anything but his head beating his own previous record of thirty four stairs said in twenty twelve now he had previously attempted to break the record recently on it and Italian TV show but the attempt was disqualified when he touched the stairs of the part of his body other than his head he's half trying to picture how this works I guess he's wearing some sort of helmets or like us because you need our address of some sort and he is on his head on the stairs and he's using momentum he kind of fuel flings his whole body upward momentum with his legs and arms to move from step to step and you know squashes entire body weight down on his neck with ray just sounds painful just thinking about it yeah how do you discover your good at that right that you're on your head and yeah suddenly start sending stared right right that like fraternity challenge maybe like for when you were twenty yeah I mean obviously you have a lot of time on your hands probably maybe not access to you know to a smartphone to keep you busy are some sort of screens to keep you busy right I can't imagine today's kids I can imagine you know the next generation is gonna be doing a lot of these things because they just don't have as much free time on their hands board of free time on their hands to figure these things out guy's name is Lee long long yes if you have the least short shorts all that to neck compression stuff and keep that up are you were you were was waiting for that what I know thanks Mike thirteen minutes in front of the hour on this morning America's first news Hey if you.

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