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At the january i'm rick worthington on six seventy kboi in a closer look today the embattled deputy director of the fbi told the agency that he is stepping down a month and a half ahead of his planned retirement here's bob constantini he was going to retire in march any way and will effectively still do so with a full benefits due him as a career fbi man andrew mccabe was according to sources told by director for christopher rey he was bringing in his own team the mere presence of andrew mccabe as the deputy fbi director seemed irritated mr trump in recent months with him often lashing out on twitter mccabe helped direct the hillary clinton email probe and russian election meddling investigation before special counsel robert muller was appointed following the firing of fbi director james colmey last week the new york times reported the president asked mccabe whom he voted for in 2016 something mr trump denied i don't think so you don't think i don't think i did you do not i don't know what's the big deal with that the big deal is colmey claims the president wanted a pledge of loyalty at the start of his administration and possibly asking mckay for the same chose a pattern if you're thinking white special counsel muller press secretary sarah sanders when asked if the president is happy i haven't asked him if he was disappointed i can tell you didn't play a role in any of that process politicizing the fbi is generally frowned upon in washington but mr trump's harsh words toward mccabe included the fact that his wife ran for a virginia state senate seat as a democrat getting large contributions from hillary clinton donors the president wondered how mccabe could possibly be fairminded in overseeing the clinton email investigation mckay was loyal to james colmey continuing to praise him after comey's firing and even allowing colmey me to return from the west coast after the firing in an fbi plane a decision that was up to acting director at the time mccabe meanwhile the russia investigation has turned into open warfare on the house intelligence committee it was up to the democrats to announce what the committee decided on a.

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