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We have to trust our intelligence services to know that we know where they keep their nuclear warheads i suspect we can see when they're transporting them we should you that it promotion to guide our action all right let's move to healthcare reform now out of people's eyes glazed over some just passed out but you have you and lindsey graham put something together that has a bit of momentum and as far as i know is the only plan on the table block grants to states so take one hundred plus million dollars they'd was in obamacare last year and give it to the states how yeah you take all the money they would receive you block granted to this they don't look formula where state that didn't expand get something fake the did expand continue to get something but you equalised that out so that no matter where that american lives she get the same support you allow state to be the laboratories of democracy coming up with solutions retain good how got dole um and you get the power out of washington you get rid of individual mandate the employer mandate it's a good system we think it puts a stake in the heart of the a single payer system uh we think we're getting momentum with brian i think we can get it through while it so you presented this to the republican caucus yesterday leadership to response was positive according to senator ron johnson a nut through for mitch mcconnell the put some muscle behind it i think so and the president has communicated that he'll be supportive we've met with mike pence several times temporal very supportive we have governor's making phone calls uh sending letters of support uh if we can get a cbo score which because we made it pimple to score i think we.

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