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I Dallas you do. You don't have the balls. Do you have the balls to say that. Freddie freeman wins the national league mvp award unanimously. You don't have a boss. I don't have the balls to say he wins. It unanimously and and. That's not. I mean and i honestly. I don't know that i even have a really good reason as to why because a mookie betts. Well then that's exactly what i'm saying. It's because of mookie. Betts is because of movie and doing what he did and now. And that's why i talk about the voting because nobody knew that mookie betts was going to be the peace that actually got the dodgers over the hump and won their world series. Is he that peace now because some of the production in the world series might tell you that he wasn't the the the over the hump factor. Maybe it was getting guys like clayton kershaw to do exactly what he did. Maybe it was getting the performances from earlier so the guy's like cedar doing what he did. Just turner being the guy that he's been. But mookie betts from start to finish made that team just that much better and he did it with the same type of production that you're used to seeing from him plus nine hundred zero. Pse hitting right around three hundred gonna pop you fifteen to twenty in this short season. He did absolutely everything you wanted. Mookie betts to do so while we will celebrate and acknowledge the ridiculous campaign of freddie freeman. It will not be a unanimous decision. Yeah i'm with you. I think but it could be i it very well you tell me freddie and yeah yeah yeah yeah. I agree with that if if you tell me. Freddie freeman wins the nationally p. award in its unanimous. Be like yeah. No that makes sense. But if you tell me mookie betts got some some first place votes mike. Okay i get it. But he was the best player on the best team in baseball. Like if that's your interpretation of what most valuable means than sure. Go right ahead and also. I want to be surprised if if there were some. Random manny machado. First place votes. Because it's like well. The padres weren't the best team in the league. They weren't the best team in baseball. They weren't the best team in their own division. But the padres were. You could argue that without manny's production though that they don't make anywhere near ways and so again placing a definition or the value on that v. What does that v mean to you. How long have been saying that all every year. What is v. media so for the padres. Manny was as valuable as it as it could have gotten for them Mookie for the dodgers important. The most valuable no. I don't believe so no. I was just a stack team. If you and. I think it was like the last episode. I said if you take bets the dodgers they still win the world series. I believe the answer is yes. Is that like a slam dunk definitive like no doubter. Put a bullet in my brain. If i'm wrong. No but i i just believe that. The dodgers were good enough to have won the world series. without mugabe's. they were that good. They were that well rounded there that deep. but yeah so we're okay with We're okay with crowning freddie freeman as your national league did you. Are you agreeing with me. On jose abreu in the american league. Yes well yeah. I want trust me i i wanted to. I mean beeps. Obviously out of the conversation is not even a fucking finalists. Understand that i. I really would love for that to have been. It should have been. I mean that that was my pick. I still think that that's the correct pick. Honestly like i don't like i'm fine with it because he's going to unanimously. Win the cy young award. But i think if you're a unanimous cy young award winner like agree or disagree. Shane bieber was more valuable to the indians than jose ramirez. Okay so if if shane bieber the pitcher talking yeah well. I mean i also. I think that that's a fact. Shane bieber was more important. More valuable to the indians than jose ramirez regardless of the wins above replacement. Whatever so if if that's the final three if it is. Jose abrego dj. Lemay hugh shane bieber as the three finalist in the american league who is the. Mvp out of those three. It's still jose abreu you think so. I think it's still jose abreu and that's just. There's no way that that offense does what they were able to do without him. Right in the middle of it. I just don't see it happening. I just don't because the guys behind him. You know the the utilize in the in the roberts the moncada's ahead of them. Those guys are the ones who are going to be attacked. Those are the ones that they're gonna rather pick their poison with as opposed to you so in that kind of lineup when you're the guy that's going to be pitched around or maybe not give as many opportunities and you're doing the damage. It's it's nowhere near the barry bonds effect. But that's kind of what i'm getting at is that this is the guy that you just do not wanna let beat you ultimately and you're picking him well. He's done that. He's beaten you even when you didn't want him to and that kind of production protects and allows for those younger guys to kind of come into their own and make their mistakes if it's going to be that but ultimately know that. Hey we've got a guy that can actually carry that. Would he hit three sixty three seventy three single now. Am i off tim. Anderson was like up there with like three five. I don't. I don't think anyone came close to flirting with four hundred in the aol. Mayhew history. sixty four. Yeah and then no one else in. The american league was close particular close or not not for the main but yeah i think i think you is tim. Anderson hit three.

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