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Out and made threats to serve hall saying, Hey, even though these people are outdoors, you're violating our covert rules. For one thing, they're not seated. And because they're not seated. They don't have the chair is far enough apart. So they threatened to shut down, Sir Paul and serve hall through the protest to the Trump supporters out and say you got to leave the city is going to shut us down. It brought out the worst in some people. In fairness, they turned on the guy from Serb Hall rather than understand there and somebody else's property. And like it or not, they gotta put up with their rules. The larger point. Of course he is what provoked the city of Milwaukee to go out to Serb Hall on a Saturday and look into this, given the fact that the city hasn't done one damn thing to shut down any other protests that has gone on in this city at all. They waited until some law abiding Trump supporters decided to have a protest too suddenly. Send out the storm troopers from the Health department to throw a bunch of threats around So there's gonna be another event. Sheriff Clark is one of the ringleaders of all of this. It's going to be held this coming Saturday. On the sidewalk near Mayfair Ball, Ledwaba Tosa! Sheriff Clark. Received an email from Captain Luc Better of the Wauwatosa Police Department. I will read it verbatim. Mr Clark. Good morning. I am reaching out to you in advance of an event that has been posted on social media and scheduled for this Saturday, November 21st 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at or near the Mayfair Mall. I attempted to contact you via phone with no luck. We want all parties to express their First Amendment rights peacefully and lawfully. We also need to balance maintaining the safety of all the different parties that may attend the event. Whether in support of or against the topic. There have been received. There have been recent incidents of violence between groups at these events, and to that end, our department will be present and monitoring the event to assure everyone safety. Lastly, management of the Mayfair Mall has made it very clear to the media at us that they will not allow political activities on their private property. Feel free to call me with any questions. And thank you in advance for your cooperation. No. What I find obnoxious about this is I don't think Captain better. Anybody from the wall would toss the Police department has been sending any emails out to the people's revolution or anybody else about the events. But they've been holding nonstop and ad nauseum in Well, the Tosa This is clearly a worker to put you on notice that you better not break any rules when you're out here. I certainly appreciate the fact that while we're toast, this police department is once again in a difficult situation. If a bunch of people who don't like the Trump supporters show up and decide to cause trouble. You're gonna wanna have police officers there to be able to maintain the peace. The fact of the matter is, however, that the only protest groups that are ever put on notice that advance of stuff like this are those of the right. My guess is the overwhelming majority of the people who would show up at this event. Pro Trump support the Wauwatosa Police Department. Just as by their actions, the overwhelming majority of people have been demonstrating in Wauwatosa all summer hate the Wauwatosa Police Department. So which is the group that's put on notice by the Tosa Police Department, the one representing the very people who support them. I made this comment earlier than to make it again. If local police agencies want the rest of us that continue to support them start showing us maybe the same respect that you're going to give on maize and Frank Nettie. And hey, get off our backs. Well are telling you can't go into the ball. You can't do this that and they're not gonna do anything They're not supposed to do. Sure Clark to follow the law. The other people follow the law. And you want to come out there and maintain the peace while that maintain the peace of any thanks from the left, decide that they're going to try to take advantage of the fact that hole here in front of us are a bunch of Trump supporters. I'll say this to any other community that has is going to be confronting the situation in the future. And I've said it with regard to call but as well, if you want to have the support of the people who have had your backs all along. Stop looking for excuses to kick us in the teeth when You won't raise a finger to stop liberals who are openly violating the law in front of you, and I'll put the same comment to that. Sorry. Excuse for a police department out in Burlington. It said there would allow the public meeting to be completely disrupted, had a bunch of people breaking the law right in front of them and managed to arrest No. One. This business of police automatically getting our support. Ends. The moment police decide. That they're going to screw their supporters while they continue to empower the people who hate him. You think it'd be pretty obvious that the world would toast? The police Department might have a little bit of appreciation for some of the people who have defended them during this long, long period in which they've been under sage. Maybe Captain veterans Following orders is maybe somebody told him to send out this I'm not just little email. I made a point earlier the program that people at my side better just accept that we're not second class citizens. We don't have the same rights as anybody else. If we want to stand out there, Yeah, a bunch of people with Trump flag stand up and say, Don't let us steal the election and say they support President Trump's so on, not break a single law be the nicest people in the world. No, no, no, that's terrible. On the other hand, they go out there after in the middle of the street and black traffic and throw rocks and tip over squad cars, head No fireworks in people's faces, not a dog. One thing happens to you. Those are the rules of the game. But if the police are doing to decide to join the people that are enforcing these rules unfairly, they're gonna lose their support. Police have difficult job here, and I'm gonna make it clear that I'm not criticizing any members of the rank and file. I'm only criticizing those who have decided If my side decides we want to raise a little petty little ruckus, And while the Tosa we want the same slack cut to us. You've been cutting everybody else. What happened in Burlington was a disgrace. And the police chief and Burlington made a fool of himself and I understand he works for a terrible mayor down there. But there's only so long those of us who are law abiding. They're going to put up with the fact that we get punished for being loved, biting. And following all the rules. What a bunch of people from out of town who don't even live in these communities could come in and shove everybody around. What do your badges for? The scales of justice are held by the lady who is blindfolded. Nobody here is asking for preferential treatment. We just want to get the same treatment that you're willing to give a bunch of criminals that is not Too much to ask. My ass sport. All right, Here's the word five o'clock word Faul Fortune cash contest. Check ch EC K check. Extent checked 202 100 in time between now and six o'clock instantly $1000 in cash. You get a text confirm again. Three. Plus I heart radio in post theater dated message rates apply in this nationwide contest..

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