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Yes ma'am um so some years ago but i will now a little more than four are a little less them i've been my undergroud out of berry celebrated in a very coated fast one on my mind but at the time was that i want to finish school that quickly fought with our money unfortunately it a quake wants to the longer and uh i graduated into the financial crisis of two thousand eight and then subsequently have decided be my mouth um i've had a quite i i graduated from an upward about than upwards of one hundred thousand could along the my mother co sign up for my undergroud both of the food along i have about half of them well i have not been good to have her relief of cofounder because in the back of my mind for all year i always had the fear that what happens if i can't make the payment and my mother still to them another bone rick tried to have them removed from her name by leaping by completing now look now in the half are really via the cold honor belief application i was rejected had probably only um because well not apply wherever a large crowd of bought a house fear as well um so it it was interesting velde that um i was rejected mba specified that uh i could not um um uh this view of e the rejection and prevent a additional credit check from occurring because i definitely apparently time to be forward as possible i accidentally included only my income as opposed to my wife and my boy at the height of bested so was your question about the process of applying again to get your moms name can olsen yes bad and really it back to the first i've had a significant elite and if you will five lender in order for meat because it would have a hormone an additional credit say which for me it's not a nonstarter i would prefer that they allow me to amend the application and they can consider my collective income post my individual income but the policy not do that all right now said well thank you for that background and maria logistics to hearing nelson story what's your advice for him right now about how to manage this oh yeah good luck so so yeah i wanna one one of the things that we run into rate when you look at like the consumer financial yet the the cfpb.

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