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A team of historians and archaeologists in the United States, say they've discovered the law ship known to have smuggled slaves from Africa, the domains of the KLA Tilda were found at the bottom of the mobile river in Alabama. It's beneath the wooden ship was intentionally sunk in eighteen sixty to try to hide evidence of its use in the slave trade, three years later, president ABRAHAM LINCOLN signed the emancipation proclamation to end slavery and free. Millions of African Americans. But swan has lifted a five-year burn on the hunting of elephants. The government said, reinstating hunting would help address conflict between humans and elephants his head. The Botswana government said it carried out extensive consultations before making the decision to lift its ban on hunting, the country is a century for around one hundred thirty thousand elephants, a third of those left in Africa after poaching reduced numbers across the continent. But having so many leads to conflict with a growing population of humans farmers' crops have been destroyed and people killed. There's debate over whether hunting will increase or decrease the elephant population. But well regulated hunting can be used as a conservation tool if the money raised by killing some animals is put back into conserving others. This is the world news from the BBC, the World, Health Organization is to call for increased efforts to combat antimicrobial resistance at the annual. WHO assembly in Geneva. Member States will call for strict guidelines on how and when anti-biotics should be used and greater funding for research into new treatments. Imaging folks reports the wonder drugs of the twentieth century, which cured tuber colossus and stopped soldiers dying from minor wounds that became infected are losing their power. The reasons are complex overuse of antibiotics in humans inappropriate. Use in agriculture poor hygiene in hospitals lack of clean water and low vaccination levels 'cause preventable infections, which then need treatment, the US authorities have revealed details of a six migrant child to die. While in custody, the ten year old girl from El Salvador died in September. But the information has only just been made public. She had arrived unaccompanied in the US with a history of heart problems. She died after undergoing surgery. Since then five other children, all from Guatemala have died while in custody the latest on Monday. Person has rejected a UN resolution that demands it give back control of the Chaco. Silence to Mauritius within six months. The non-binding vote in New York saw one hundred sixteen countries support the resolution with only six against Britain kept control of check checkoffs when Mauritius became independent in nineteen sixty five and allows the US to operate a military base on the Garcia polls have opened in Britain, and the Netherlands to start the process of elections for the European parliament across the EU. The twenty six other Member States will vote over the next three days person had intended to leave the EU before the vote, but is taking part because of the delay in delivering Brexit. The results will be announced on Sunday evening, BBC news. This is the inquiry on the BBC World Service with me. Kavita Puri each week, one question four expert witnesses and then answer. A group of women standing around community water pump on a street in Jakarta the capital of Indonesia. A mother crouches down supporting her naked infant. She washes, his body, he wriggles, but she has little option. It's the only place she can get clean water. This mother like nearly half the city doesn't get piped water into her home. She relies on these community pumps to bring it all the way from the ground. But is the water is sucked out the city above the land and buildings a sinking and fast some by up to twenty five. Centimeters a year and is the city gets lower flooding is getting worse. The situation is so bad, the government's announced it wants to build a whole new capital, and I'm bishops and costly endeavor. It would mean transferring the seats of government judiciary and central Bank to another place altogether. That's even before.

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