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You guys think you're so funny pooh-poohing this. This is something that we all want it. Okay. We're trying to grab that brass ring. Right. Okay. What? But the Michael thing is debatable as to which you know, whether or not all of us wanted this. So we're doing this again, this is going on for, you know, our talent he's always always listened into the mouth breeders on the text machine Twitter and on read it about how we're selling out. So you know, what I've been the bad guy long enough to them on the mouth breeders. Aren't you supposed to? To breathe in your nose out your mouth. No, no, no, that's running. That's when you're exercising. No wonder all the time. To do that normally. So you you keep your mouth shut and you only breathe through your nose. You need that Navarre's thing because you're a nasal air paths down really, really constricted. Did you clean out your ears, by the way, I did? And I was going to do it on air. Oh, our I'll do it on the local hour tomorrow, really appointment listening right now. Right. Naming crass. Do we know what we're debating at eleven o'clock. Oh, I have your topics. Oh, you have topics. Yeah. Yeah. This is fantastic. This is what are you hoping for? What are you hoping? I'm always open for some Kevin Durant. Maybe some Golden State Warriors. But listen, I I could debate anything I could give on their hockey. I can give you whatever you want. All right. And by the way, if what was happening in the NBA what's happening in the NHL. No talking about it. But if it happened the NBA, it's all we'd be talking about Dominic covered. It's crazy. We had to go to ROY at hockey. Yeah. Yeah. We have we have to we have to cover all sports coming up in the next segment, though, a huge announce mug Gs in the next segment I will tell you exactly what the topics are for the first takeover. Wow. I know the topics do not know the topics you cannot read the computer, and if you can't to get a screen protector here. I'm telling you have to be careful with that. There wasn't compliance video on it sewing. Mark Hamill, really. How many topics do we have can you? At least. That's the exciting thing. Just one. Just one topic this one, however, what I put on a collared shirt for one up wherever there is a message that says L Y time, there's a set second top Lou. Cammo just a game or just looked at. I only saw have the topics. You got the you're going to like they can half of the sentence. Okay. Tune in next segment when I reveal what the topics are Blake Shelton. Over. I like how I take does that because they talked to you as you would talk in the shop. You're not gonna call the Lakers Lakers. You're gonna call them the lake show. Do they present the top? It's like for the topic bar on the show. Exactly how they present little witty pan in there and all in caps. Ota the topics. I can't wait that we were supposed to do a half hour. Yes. What happened to that view? Started investigating. It was initially. There was initially an ask for an hour, and our our we had a chance at an hour. They initially asked for an hour. And that's since been dwindled to fifteen minutes. This is on the heels of us doing an entire show dedicated finding out who Ford it on. I take you gotta bring talking right now. Where are you going to bring that up? Please don't got to. I think we should when you find out what this topic is. I'm pretty sure you're just gonna be all in on that. I mean, we have to bring up the fort though. Oh, no, no, no. At one point you should stifle a cough at some point. You should do you should cop and make afford sound. Four I'm gonna look on the internet for fake for it. Sounds and then when you cough, we know that secure for us to play the fort show, sh on the cheetah MacGill's cheetah fart noises..

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