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Oh, why? What record Feller center Christmas tree now all lit up. And it's a welcome sight to many of the tri state area who may be a bit down this year amid the pandemic and all of the cancelations that came with it. James flipping files. This report some, maybe actually cheering this one. No Santa con in Hoboken or New York City, as the annual march of the drunken Santas is on hold during the pandemic. The ballet also affected that be the Nutcracker suite, going virtual for the first time. Of course, the old jolly elf himself can't escape Covitz impact while Dr Anthony Fauci says Santa's immune to Corona virus, there's no sitting on his lap allowed this year. Maybe an old school letter to the North Pole will do. James Forman, W O R knows he has to 34 TriBeCa's delaying next week's scheduled reopening after positive covert 19 cases were reported in bombing two students from separate classes. Some parents are upset about that delay, which was closed in a letter sent home to students Families New York City public schools in general scheduled to reopen on Monday. Across the Hudson River in New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy says that no one should be traveling out of the state as virus pandemic trudges on comes about a week after the Garden State got rivets travel advisory list, saying All states and territories were reported concerning numbers. Governor says travel is only essential of residents are headed out to work or seeking medical treatment, adding that if anyone's traveling from out of state between state borders, they should quarantine for two weeks. A New Jersey state police recruit dine after being critically injured in a boxing accident. It was all part of his training last week, Superintendent of State Police colonel Path Callahan says recruit came from a family of troopers. And wanted to be one since he was a teenager at a life of service. Even though it was short, he was an Eagle scout giving back to his community. He's one of the few attendees of our trooper Youth week when he was 17 years old. He went to the State Police Academy for Trooper Youth Week and then ultimately went into the 161st class. And governor. Murphy has the entire state to keep Lucas home Your loved one in their prayers following the tragic accident this past Wednesday at the New Jersey State Police Academy in Sea Girt. It was a boot and resident and lost consciousness. He had to be rushed to the hospital after being heard while boxing with a fellow recruit so far, authorities have not released any further details. The investigation is ongoing. New court filing show President Trump's daughter sent for a deposition over a lawsuit accusing Trump's inaugural Committee of misusing funds. Ivanka Trump was grilled in the nation's capital on Tuesday of this week. The attorney general of Washington, D. C, is suing the Trump Organization and his inaugural committee for using for misusing funds and overcharging. Space that the Trump Hotel in Washington D. C. Depositions have been going on for the past few weeks now former inaugural committee chairman Tom Barrack who was also disposed Suppose. Last week it looks like former Zappos CEO Tony Shea died without a Will. Sarah Bartlett with details. The 46 year old died last week from Smoke inhalation calls today. Connecticut House fire Now TMZ reports that his father and brother are shocked to find out that she didn't have an estate plan for his $840 million net worth. The family is asking a Nevada judge to make them administrators of his estate. Being that she was single and without Children when he.

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