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Think they would actually appreciate that kisser asses very low state. Yeah. And the company isn't sending to you direct influenced, or is in. Doesn't care what you say about the product. Okay. So tell me about this. I just like it. It's not doesn't I've really thin kind of greasy hair. And so I'm straight haired woman, and I find that this doesn't really way my hair down, but seems to cure, my frayed. Oh, yes. So I like it on. This is a reconstructed the inches reconstructing protein treatment mask, which is really good. It's got his alien. And I think it's most good. And then another hair thing, I brought speaking of the baby, I need help. Well Jackie we talked about my grades when I came on the last time. And you told me to toss a gloss gloss on it. So I did. So I got DP Hugh has a color boosting gloss. Deep conditioning treatment that I got online, and I'm using the war medium Brown, and it's like a Demi permanent washes out in a couple of washes. But let me tell you if I got an event or date or, you know, something cocky, I could. Yeah, I tossed my glass, and I just do it in the shower and you can leave it on for like three to twenty minutes. Depending on how much saturation, you want migraines are so tough using their to do you need something more permanent. I'm saying I'd leave that shit on for twenty minutes. Yeah, I on my roots. I do. That's do I leave it on twenty minutes on my roots, and then I'll get out, and like do appeal or Sarai. I'm waiting and then I'll rinse it out. So, yeah, I like this DP Hugo Boss. I need to buy that. And I very curious if it work on my grace, I would too, and they have a couple shades of red to okay, I'm going to try and what I was just going to confess something goes confess. I've been having I'm telling you, I just went and had my banks trimmed. I mean, I've had my haircut in my like shaggy cut for a month and a half now. Yeah. And I went in for like a Bank trim and the woman who colored my hair was there. And she was like, I cannot believe the growth, I cannot believe growth, this is in a month and a half because my grades were so prominent in long. Yeah, I've had so much growth in the past month and half not to. And, and I was like I don't wanna pay her another whatever hundred something bucks to catch what my Reuss if I'm being honest. This is something nobody talks about. But when you get divorced, there's a financial strain, of course, now I am paying double bills double rent. Yeah. Because I'm now paying for my apartment alone. I'm paying all the bills by myself dog food double the chew it. Well, I already paid for by myself before. But that's another story. You know she's my. You know, so on like being a little cheap in certain places out of insecurity. So I was like you know what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna buy one of those root touch-ups and you are you've been dying your hair. Yes. For your whole. I have However, I have only professionally colored my hair for the past couple of years, okay? Only out of like I guess, because I could I had the financial means why not. Yeah. I've been doing things that I wasn't comfortable doing right now. My hair has darker roots, and it fades into more of a copper, and that's because I've decided to keep my hair darker, and keep my roots darker in order to keep my hair, healthier because I was coloring it bright red. And it would pull I have such colored that it would have to pull that out and because the grades are so bad. If I keep my roots dark, it's easier to cover up the gray is a whole thing. Yeah. So I decided, I'm going to do it myself. I'm gonna buy one of those route touch-ups the only one that I could find was like I think it's like Clerel like a nice and easy. And I'm pretty sure Claros Nazif. I'm pretty sure. It's not listen. You're doing the best. You can. I'm just going to be honest. I fucking bought it. Okay. That's me coming clean to.

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