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Of Madonna's vaccines authorized by the FDA. They've allocated nearly 5.9 million doses. We still have much work to do to ensure that all Americans understand the value of these safe and effective vaccines, but it's clear that many Americans are learning that these vaccines are safe. Extraordinarily effective doctor. Months of slowly, says maximum efficacy of fighters. Vaccines been occurring an individual's 10 to 14 days after the first dose, But he said it doesn't mean people should not take the second dose. You should stop infectious disease expert makes his recommendation on traveling for the upcoming Christmas holiday. Look at that coming up at the top of the hour. Alright, thanks Got 7 46 traffic and weather together from temp start heating and cooling products. Here's Johnny Hill. Couple of accidents to watch for a right lane is still partially blocked on 6 70 eastbound between Cleveland Avenue and 71. Hold that truck is there is well so it looks like people are staying to the left to get by it. Minor delays off the convention center accident blocking east and westbound on tunnel crossing near the mall. That'll be east of 2 70, west of France. Road, East Stephen West bag Looks like again the right lane by but eastbound getting both lanes blocked the extra careful be coming through. Otherwise, freeway delays have been light through town we're gonna find gonna find that bridges, ramps and overpasses. Maybe a little bit slick this morning to give yourself an extra safe stopping distance traffic sponsored by better help, calm. Is there something interfering with your happiness To visit better help dot com slash feel happy for 15% off your first month joined over one million people who have taken charge of the mental health of the help of an experienced professional. It's better. H e l p dot com slash feel happy Traffic and weather together from temp star and customer air. I'm Johnny Hilla NewsRadio 16 w TVs every C six first morning whether with Andrew, but Michael powered by the basement doctor I know it's Thursday. We're close to the weekend. So why not talk about it? What is the weekend look like? Well, we will be warming up as we get into Saturday Sunday with high temperatures back in the lower 40 so little warmer this weekend also see a.

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