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Kerchief, W T. M. J Rich and I did a convention podcast for months before the convention got here and just wrap that up. I know you're still working the convention hard rich, and I don't doubt the number that Christian settle put out there. The $3 million. I'm just morning where all that money came from. Because this thing is drawing a crowd of tens to our city. I'm guessing a lot of this must be like Wisconsin Center district rent another expenses related to the venue. I'm not sure of of where and I don't doubt that visit. Milwaukee has good numbers, but it is hard to figure where that's going. Certainly, the Wisconsin Center District has said they're going to be getting millions. They haven't said How many million for the building rental? There are some hotels that are getting busy business. We had a story about the hotel Cambria downtown, for example, is false. So yeah, there is. You know, I think the number was 21 that was in the room last night to hear Governor Evers say holy mackerel in person, So you know, it's really if it's three million, it's better than zero, which is probably what we would have gotten this week. Well, yeah, that's a really good point Rich And as you said to, there are some people who have to stay, and I suppose they have to eat somewhere too. Right, Right. And it's just nominees from the convention committee sort of backed off a few days ago on the story that was circulating that the people who were in town we're told not to die in here. I think they said that the staff it was setting up the space. But the tens of people who are here this week, you know, probably are eating and drinking in the downtown area. Milky business journals rich kerchief. Live on the first Midwest Bank hotline on W. Th The rich. The pivot now is also too next time and there will be next times were being promised. When things get back to normal. The fact that Milwaukee is now considered a player..

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