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Are immoral. Let's tear down all the walls. According to Robert, Francis beta bozo. And we'll hit that at the bottom of this half hour, we'll have an update, but I want to draw your attention to a column which is blockbuster when you get to the heart and soul of it of John Solomon investigative reporter and executive vice president of the hill, because if you're call last week, we had the nine and a half minute press conference if you will, of Robert Muller, and all of a sudden, the Muller report, never delivered what the left was telling us he was going to deliver now. That's the fourth time now that investigations have come to the same conclusion, and that is no Russia conspiracy. No russia. Collusion of any type. No obstruction of Justice, and it was a huge massive letdown expose. But we've been saying it's nothing but fake news conspiracy theories frauds. The news media, that has been so lazy and fixated on being an extension of all, things extreme radical socialists democrat, you know, literally caught with their hands in the cookie jar running advance and advancing the lies advancing the hoax advancing, the conspiracy theory, anyway, so. Smaller gives us nine and a half minute speech and he says, well, we couldn't indict the president because of Justice department policy and the issue of whether a sitting president can or cannot be indicted, leaving a clear implication. Well, we might of. Well, we can't say, but there's a possibility yet when you look at the fact that those no underlying crime. The president was open in his criticisms of people like rod Rosenstein at times, and he fired Komi Komi deserved it, and he could have anytime have fired Robert Muller himself under article to legally. He had the legal authority to fire Muller, and there was severe conflicts of interest, the day before Muller became the special counsel, begging Donald Trump for the job as the FBI director, and then he got appointed by rod Rosenstein. That was this prize. They've had conflicts in the past the Gulf club. The president owned still. Loans, but as a private citizen, so it gives us nine and a half minute speech. It's like manna from heaven, heavily waters. Now been sent to every liberal news media mob organization, Democrats on Capitol Hill, but it only lasts a couple of hours because there were multiple times multiple witnesses that heard Robert Muller say, just the opposite. In other words, that was not a consideration for his decision. He was never gonna make a decision on obstruction. It is going to present as the law requires what his findings are to the attorney general, is not the old independent counsel statute, this is now the special counsel statute, and then it would be up to the attorney general, to make a determination of any laws were broken. And in very short order the attorney general bar, the deputy attorney general rod Rosenstein, and the office of legal counsel concluded no obstruction. Muller himself. No collusion. That was done quickly, Muller's, the Muller issue is dead. But he had to make a clarification. And frankly my interpretation of it was that attorney general bar threw him a lifeline by allowing the special counsel's office to team with the attorney general, and put out a statement that no no, no. This is what he really meant clarification because so many because he said the opposite. I got the feeling. He didn't even read the draft. It seemed like it was written by somebody else. Anyway. Now, the next step win out discovering, a lot of things in the so-called Mullah report are absolutely false. You know, it's literally breaking and his key is search ins in this document of his four hundred and forty eight pagers on that not accurate at all. You know, the, the report describes Paul manafort's Ukrainian business partner as a shady individual with ties to Russian intelligence. In other words, the Muller report wanted you to believe that the Trump campaign was essentially embed with a Russian spy, John Solomon, breaks the story and what do we find out that we knew it was total Bs and manafort's business. Partner was actually a sensitive intelligence source but for the US State Department, and how and why team Muller purposely deceived, the we the people is beyond my imagination. That's probably likely one of the reasons Muller doesn't dare want to go before Nadler's committee and face Jim Jordan, Mark meadows. In fact, in this case, the guy had visited the US twice in twenty sixteen to meet with State Department officials. He regularly met with the chief political officer inside the US embassy in Kiev and Muller had access to all that information, which means that they this was a premeditated line. And yet, he cast a dark shadow on this individual and. Present this person as an affair is actor tied to Russia. It wasn't true. And the very same plan, by the way, that was given to the Trump campaign in two thousand sixteen Ukrainian peace plan that was presented to the Obama administration. Well that context should have been in the Muller also because Muller's team knew it. So the another example of outright deception. And just the latest. What is pretty disturbing pattern? I mean, the separately, edited transcript from the former Trump attorney John down during a privilege routine call. Remember in the case that a joint defense agreement with general Flynn and Muller conveniently leaves out, John Dowd statement that his request is for communication was not only for the president before the country, and that he was not asking for any confidential information which was the exact opposite of what the mother team portrayed. And in other words, skull, Potosi evidence was ripped right out of it, which is classic. Andrew weissmann. If you're licensed, the lie by Sydney Powell, and it can't forget all that, and not come to a conclusion is that they purposely wrote this report, withholding knowledge altering knowledge they just to make it look as bad as they could John Solomon broke the stories with us now there's no way. They didn't know what they were doing John because this was this was easily found out by them. Listen, what I have is actually a section of the mother teams files either, actually Robert Muller's file include FBI interviews. The Robert mother team did with State Department officials who in, in worked on a daily basis with this metaphor partner named Constantine clinic, I have the cables in the emails in which State Department officials on a daily basis relay valuable intelligence, they came in from Mr. clinic to the embassador at the State Department, at the Ukraine, embassy in, in Cav to officials in Washington, among themselves, and I have all the emails that, that Mr. clinic sent to his handlers at the State Department and he wasn't just dealing with any old person at the State Department. He dealt with the deputy chief of mission, and the two chief political officers for the embassy. So he was such a valued asset that he was handled at the highest levels of State Department, and one of the things that are in the documents really clear, the State Department officials told the F B I they made a conscious effort. Never put Mr. clinics name in any cables for fear that WikiLeaks, we get a hold of and his identity is a secret source of the United States, government would be compromised. So that was all sitting in Muller's files, no doubt about it confirmed by interviews by the markings on the documents, Robert Muller had that side of Constantine, committed life nail down and for reasons that I don't understand, and I have not been able to ascertain reporting, Robert Muller chose to portray concentrating communiqu as a Russian sympathies, somebody who had connections to the Russian intelligence group and the Russian intelligence services, without telling this entire other story, and I think that it deserves the public if goals Muller report was to get transparency the failure to mention this vast body of evidence portrays clinic, and a very different light trusted, by the United States, government giving valuable doesn't same thing exists. Now we know that. Carter page was an American asset that he worked for the community. It's not. I mean I asked them straight up and he said, well, it's out there. Yeah. I was working for our side when that was in March of sixteen as recently as March twenty sixteen just as he was joining the Trump campaign. It is now been verified by the FBI documents. I obtained and others that Carter page was working to help the FBI bring a case against Russian mobsters. So all of these missing elements, always have a common pattern the common pattern. Is they make the person close to Trump look, dirty or kosher to rush more problematic than the actual evidence. And let me give you one example, from the Constantine committed documents that just gives a sense of how misleading by omission. The mullahs report is the mother report does a big makes a big deal out of the fact that Constantine committed in August of twenty sixteen came to New York. That's the sign. He's not a Russian spy because he was a Russian spy, we wouldn't have given them a visa. He gets in the country. He drops off a peace plan to try to settle the Russia Ukraine crisis in Crimea. And the Muller says, oh my gosh. This is an example of him doing the Russians bidding, and he was trying to influence Trump and Trump involved in this matter. There's only one problem with that story. If you go to the FBI documents and the and the cables, and the State Department memos that, Bob, mother possessed and is ins come in, I the peace plan to the Obama administration four months before he gave it to Trump. So he gave it to both parties and how to bomb administration, reactive State Department official thank and things very valuable information where noodling it over, if you have that part of the report all of, and you knew that part of constant communiqu you'd go, why am I worried about the contact with Donald Trump? It sounds like he was trying to get everybody aboard in, in solving the crisis all of that. So mid, and it's always omitted to the negativity of the Trump campaign, the portrayal of the negative of the Trump campaign is always more negative, when there's an omission here. I think the American. I have to ask why. Well, I mean, you, you literally looked at hundreds of pages of government documents that we know that Robert Mueller possess since twenty eighteen and they knew the, the demarcation, they knew the sensitive intelligence source that guy Camilla and, you know, they know they're aware that he worked for the State Department and informed on matters involving Ukraine and Russia, and it was such an incomplete and deceptive portrayal of, of such an important person in and they use it in his overall narrative. Right. And to me, there's only one conclusion is they wanted it to be interpreted the wrong way, and they purposely wrote it to be interpreted the wrong way. And I honestly think it just shows. And by the way, there's a poll out that confirms this half of Americans now, believe the Trump was a wick victim of a witch-hunt and, and also confirms my belief that Robert. Muller does not wanna testify, and I don't think he will testify because I don't think he can sustain the questioning of Jim Jordan. Morton meadows and company, but it'll be I think came star said on your show last night, it would be a travesty for the American public if mother got away and didn't answer these very seminal questions that go to the credibility of his investigation, the credibility of his findings on the honesty of the work that he said, I remember something can said last night. I just said, on your show, it was very important said, when Bob Muller made that nine point statement, he emphasized that this investigation was built on the integrity of good people who work with him that integrity is now in question that work is now in question, why wouldn't Bob mother coming answer the questions that would allow us to ascend? Can't can't answer. Why hired these people? He can't answered when he knew those no collusion. He can't answer. Why such a bias team? He can't answer questions. Like why did you have time for taxi medallions and? Farah violations, but not Hillary's dirty Russian dossier. All right. Stay right there. John Solomon investigative reporter executive vice president for the hill. He wrote another column with ten questions for Hillary. We'll get to that as we continue and. Yeah down at the border. This is real and will get an update on that situation. Also this hour as we continue..

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