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Happening on Saturday September fourteenth at the new **** stored inside Tyson's from noon to three Santana moss will be there Peter Bondra from the caps will be there and myself in Chile will be there to the Toby chilly morning show come say hi it's ninety seven point one wash FM we can't wait to see you there at the grand opening of the new **** store fourteen ninety seven course at Boulevard at Tyson's just off Leesburg pike near the Walmart supercenter and the twenty four fitness. people think Rosberg state university is a small sleepy institution and that's anything but the truth it's a vibrant community is growing what else you don't know about Frostburg state university is how wonderful the students are there great opportunities to get involved to do things that matter and they do just that students get to apply their learning outside the classroom from day one prospered state university one university a world of experiences. traffic and weather in central Ohio news radio six ten WTVN. I heart radio stations. I'm hearing prestin Iran's foreign ministries dismissing claims by the U. S. that it was behind that attack on Saudi Arabia's oil infrastructure was a massive drone strike that has the potential to affect world markets are stone is with our partners at Sky News depending on what the physical damages to these plants and they haven't said at the moment what the damage is it's probably true to say at that they will be able to maintain bring production back up to the normal level pretty quickly by using reserves by ramping up production and other facilities as well so the economic impact yes it will be felt but it probably what be prolonged the four year contract between GM and the United auto workers expired a few hours ago increasing the risk of a possible strike union members working today have been told they should show up for their shift more than twenty people hurt when wooden decks collapsed onto each other at the Jersey Shore branch feel fire chief John freight some of my dogs were trapped under it as of myself I my leg in America pick it up off me to get out the third floor deck collapsed on to the second floor deck and then out on the first floor no one was killed some relief in the Bahamas as tropical storm Alberto moves away from the island some of which are still reeling from hurricane Dorian you and secretary general Antonio Guterres is in the Bahamas supporting humanitarian efforts will be reconstruction building resilience the recovery and Israel has you require a massive investments from the government from the people. and of course international support would be absolutely essential in Hong Kong. protesters out again the fifteenth street weekend that they've been marching in favor of democracy a reminder from Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker Miskito season is not over first and foremost people have to take personal precautions to protect themselves case of triple he confirmed attention a deadly and spread by mosquitoes you're listening to ABC news would you take a hundred dollars and throw eighty of it away if you're taking drug store vitamin tablets that's exactly what you're doing because eighty percent of those tablets are not being absorbed hi I'm not sure how the doctor Dennis black creator of Texas super food many of you take Texas Hebrew daily and feel great but some people tell us they just don't like.

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