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Your next ground keepers, naturals, ballitser brain fuel, get ready. We all take some brainy on the pod. I know we could have given you one. So we were talking about, oh, always having to feeling like being on. Oh God, yes, social media. We were talking about, I said, a great weekend away with family out of the heat wave at a wonderful resort called Terry NIA. You were so wonderful and invited us out for the weekend. And then I, you know, well, did you post for them? And I was like, oh shit. Oh, Eli. Yeah. Oh, yeah. Oh shit. Oh shit. I think I was meant to post for them. We won't be invited not literally. Yeah, I'm not good at that. And speaking of friends that are really good of Pia p. has really good in town. She's really good at like putting voice through things young, really like it. It's she's not posting about. I don't think she's promoting anything beside no PA for the most part, but she's learning. She's promoting a lot of things like injustice to she did a lot about, you know what's going on in Mexico. New issue promotes a lot of things, but it feels real. I mean, there are things that she really like then then they really like her. She's really getting those things for free, and but you know, it's also helpful for people. They're looking at her and saying, well, what? What is she doing? Show me show me the real day in the life and then you know she tags everybody. Yeah, and that's how the world goes round. And I'm really. Bad at that. I know you ever stress over that or no, or it's just kind of like, I don't do it, that'd be deal. I don't know if that comes fully naturally to. Sometimes it happens. Sometimes it happens sometimes all you know, have like too many marches and then she's a flurry of stories. Everything seems really interesting to me and. Like eight stories. I'm getting busy brain dust. I can. I can do this. I get it. I can't. You know. A crash. Are you projector, do you know your human design? Somebody gave me my human design and the emailed it to me and shoot, I could probably Email guess figure it out. I feel like that too was social media. I'm like, I don't know. Oh, you more? Yes. Generator. Yup. I actually don't know what a just a manifester. I don't know either as we'll have to look that up. Yeah, makes magic. Who knows? I'm an intro makes. I, I'm serious introvert. What does that look like in your life? I mean, it's so weird because it looks like I'm on podcasts and it looks like I'm smiling for pictures, and it looks like I'm getting up with headsets on doing panels and signing books and smiling and loving it. And I am in the moment. Melania really nice do now. This feels totally normal, but I think you know, like my deep soul, desire and inclination is always to be. Yeah. Hi, I, you know. And so the Instagram's stories, it's like a much better at doing other people or the thing that's in front of me. I'm not one to flip the camera on myself. I only started taking selfies when I got myself a host man. Let me know because he goes on tour on, then I got it. Like, you know, send the sexy Salty's. Do that, and then my phone stolen by pervert. And then I started to be stocked for like eight. Oh my God. Yeah, the due to my yoga studio. Oh, my God had all my sexy pictures on my phone and every time I was in yoga, he would take my phone and sent himself my pictures, oh my God, and then blackmailed me with them. Why. Who is this person? His name is. I feel like we should just out him right now rank, but that might be a fair you work at the golden golden bridge yoga, sorry, all yet. No, let's out this person right now. I'm all about Frank Perez or something, Frank Peres front desk at a bunch of different Hollywood Nogal bridge. No, they don't have it anymore in Santa Monica, Santa Monica. They rebranded was there was like seven or eight girls that he was doing this to..

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