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This is it. The name is on keeping my Tom. Look at it and say it. I'll give you his initials J. You know, I can't be much nicer than that. Yeah, really? Does this sound familiar in could think to do think, kitty. You think to do Don't make a bill. Good night, Mrs Calabash, wherever you are. No. Gosh, Ellie, we're doing everything but write his name on a blackboard for you. You're the only person in the world that doesn't know this voice. I don't need to put you down. But it is such a, you know, famous gentleman. You know the guy before? God, not about the one that I that I know that I knew that one. Don't care. Don't tell me about what somebody did to a three phone calls ago. We're asking for the answer now. E. Don't think she's going to get it, Morgan Yeah. You wanna take a guess? All right. His initials are J. D. If his first name begins with E. J. Give me a man's name that begins with a J. Mm hmm. Shame for John. Work with James. Make it more friendly. If you have a friend named James, What would you call him? I think she'd call him. James. Yes. Stop that. What would she I don't think she's going to get it, Morgan. I mean, we couldn't give her any better hands than what we're getting me. Durante. You know Jimmy Durante Woz. Kelly? No, I just told you his name. Yeah. Uh, All right, Ellie, I want to wish you a merry Christmas. I got to say goodbye because I'm I'm tired of telling you. Bye bye, happy holding onto YouTube doing All right now. Well, cue up the next one. It will be Um okay. You know, you want to have one thing in common. We were discussing this the other day of favorite Christmas song. Yes. Is the Christmas song by Nat King Cole, This is the Christmas song. You're going to hear many different voices singing it, but they only belong to one person. Listen up, gang Who is it? Hi Paid. It's Sammy here with a little package for you. Yeah, and it's a gift that keeps giving. It's the Christmas song. Chest nuts. Frosting, huh? Um, that open fire. Yeah. Dr Cross looks marvelous. He's nipping at your nose. Oh, I hate when that happens. Hello. Once again, everyone yuletide carols being sung by a quiet as we speak right now. On this, folks. You know that dressed up like Eskimos this unbelievable Don't get me started with these Eskimos of the Hawaiians are Indians or what? Everybody knows some turkey, my friends and some mistletoe. Some beverages by.

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