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Says current renters are the least shielded from the increases both current renters and people who are going into renting for the most part. It's probably following on people who already rant when they renew the lease. They're getting a rent hike from their landlord, Youlus, Richardson, Garland and McKinney saw double digit increases in the past year for worst Grapevine and Farmers Branch were flat. Kim Lampkin scale F news hospitals all over the US scrambling now to get blood supply as donors. Sites face all time, low blood shortages. Linda Gulzar with Carter. Blood Care says in DFW is the lowest levels they've ever seen. She points out that before Covid 19 shut down, schools accounted for 25% of collected blood. Now demand for blood products is up. 10% nationwide is a season of lows in the blood industries. Summer is always challenging. But when you take that, after a 15 months long blood shortage that makes it much more challenging. She hopes the supply will pick back up in the fall and is encouraging North Texans to donate blood as soon as possible. July as military consumer protection Month and the better Business Bureau is focused on the impact of fraudulent or malicious business practices are On the military. The B B B's Fort Worth office says that despite the sacrifices members of the armed forces make each day it's the military community. That's a constant target for scammers and businesses who use unethical practices. Common scams that target military members include high priced military loans, veterans benefits by out plans, fake rental properties and more, so just be on the lookout. Marvel movie hitting the box office this weekend. We'll get Frank. Sweet text REVIEW Coming up Next Kayla of News time is 8 10 at the top in 30 minutes past the hour we get.

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