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Look at what's happening from the Fox News rundown. Good morning. It's Friday, May 7th and this is the Fox News Run down. I'm Paul Stevens President Biden in Louisiana on Thursday, Looking to rally more support for his infrastructure Ville and the so called American Families plan. The White House says the American families plan will spend $1.8 trillion over a decade. And be fully paid for within 15 years. However, the new pen warden budget model said something different that projects the cost would actually be about $2.5 Trillion. The tax foundation has also weighed in with its model on what the tax overhaul could potentially meet. And here's what that model projects that GDP would decline by 0.4% over a decade and so to what wages. They also model that 64,000 jobs would be lost, and that the plan would not be fully paid for rather cost in the area of $337 billion, though the tax foundation also Notes that their model doesn't include potential gains from Iris Enforcement, which the president is calling for as well. Fox is Blake Burman. Meantime, vice president Kamila Harris, speaking with the president of Guatemala, and will speak Friday with the president of Mexico. All this is part of her effort to address the root causes of migration. More from Fox is Jessica Rosenthal, despite Republican insistence that she visit the border to see the influx of Central Americans firsthand. Vice president Kamila Harris has instead focused on virtual meetings with leaders south of the border, and today she's scheduled to speak with Mexico's president, Andres Manuel Lopez over door Lopez over door has said the expected focus will be on migration ahead of the meeting. He said that in a competitive world where Asia is growing, one needs to seek integration with each country in North America, contributing what it can Whether that's technology investment or a workforce. Harris has plans to meet with the president of Mexico and Guatemala in person next month. It has not been clear of Harris plans to speak to the president of El Salvador or Honduras. Jessica Rosenthal, Fox News House Republicans appear increasingly likely to boot Congresswoman Liz Cheney from her leadership role. Details from Fox is Jared Halpern. House Republicans will meet next week and for the second time since February are expected to vote on whether Wyoming Republican Liz Cheney should keep her position is the conference chair, the number three leadership post. There is a large number of members who just said, You know, they gave a second chance and they feel like they got burned. Steve Scalise, the GOP whip, second and leadership is endorsing a change. He supports New York Republican Elise Stefanik for the job. Former president. Trump also endorsed the Phonic Cheney, his drunk IRA Republicans for vocally warning about the dangers of Trump's continued refusal to accept the 2020 election results shared how burner Fox News Republicans are expected to press Biden White House climate envoy John Kerry on his dealings with Iran's foreign minister during a hearing before the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Next Wednesday. The reports claim that Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said that Kerry revealed to him that Israel had attacked hundreds of targets in Syria. Kari maintains he never discussed those strikes with Shareef State Department officials point out these attacks were well known, and even the Israeli government publicly acknowledged them. Other Republicans have requested investigations, including those on the House Oversight Committee. I want to review of Carrie security clearance and all documents related to his access to classified information. Senator Grassley is also requesting.

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