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Eleven remaining and Notre Dame by Chan now it comes on into gives gives back to Goodwin Goodwin. On over to Gibbs Gibbs over the midcourt stripe. Cross court to hub hub now Goodwin. Notre Dame's gonna burn some clock. A minute left. Twenty on the shot clock named by ten gives now on over to Harvey and Harvey is fouled and Harvey's been good at the line this year twenty seven of thirty five seventy seven percent, and he was four for four on Saturday against Purdue and just time running out here for Binghamton to make their comeback. Certainly Sessoms has done everything can his last segment knocking down desperation threes. But now you'd have to even if DJ knocks down one of these free throws we should be able to get out of here with the with the wind pretty safely Harvey seven points on the night at a career high tying nineteen. Eighteen against Purdue free throw on the way out of the remnant. Fouts wants bounced twice caught the edge dropped through the sixty five fifty four named by eleven Harvey will get another. Dips the knees fires it up, and it's good. Sixty six fifty four Notre Dame by twelve inbounds pass to Sessoms Sessoms racing down the floor. Sesame shovels out to Davis is three too strong. Rebound, Mooney and moody is fouled. Mooney. If he makes the free throw we'll have his six double double of the year. We should call this double double night. You're just trying to jinx this one too. Aren't you? I'm not trying to jinx anything. He's got. He's got he's got to shots here though. So he should.

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