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And and hope just goes yar'adua is he did near you probably rear you know he had a real he hearing handicap right all ondo no no no oh god i we we only have sums loyally assumed it was later in life that he new england in oh well no he started gone death in his uh like bad daffy in his aide huh and where he really couldn't hear you and and that may any when we're hearing aids and that benefit that i told you that roast was was hosted by the house that year clinic which is famous doctor dr house in la that does amazing things with people who have hearing handicaps so book bob was very very handicapped in terms of here and he could here i taught he said to me he said you know i can i can hear you i can't hear at aviva that i can hear you i said as interim that's because my voice is up in the same pitch and rangers years use love yourself so much that you can't you can only hear people who sound like you the loser's yeah maybe that reid kenny at at at at at his uncanny you know next time we talk to you a dave we did will do this again down the road enough i was watching my favorite brunette and peter lorries in there and i thought it'd be fun to have you be you doing peter laurie all yet and dave during bob hope and academic rank and actually arenas will and actually read a scene and will do it next time last question i have on here and we could go on forever because this is so damn entertaining do you have a tape of a conversation between marty short jerry lewis.

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