Harvey Weinstein will turn himself in Friday on sex-crime charges


This been a very good working relationship today north korea made another overture blowing up a nuclear test site in the presence of western journalists and the president is still holding out hope writing to kim if you change your mind please do not hesitate to call me or right they're expecting the call you mr president you expect him to call you giancarlo joins us now from the white house and john you're in the room there when president trump announced the june twelfth summit was off but he later told the world not to be anxious saying it might happen on that date after all is that still realistic you know that's not gonna happen tom a white house officials made that clear after the president's spoke but there is no doubt the president would like to see this summit get back on track at some point but it won't be on june twelfth jonathan karl starting us off tonight john thank you next to that other major story we're following breaking news about harvey weinstein sources tell abc news he will turn himself in to new york city police tomorrow to face criminal charges related to alleged sexual assault a stunning fall seven months after those i reports but unleashed a flood of accusations and sparked a movement here's abc's linsey davis former hollywood heavyweight turned poster child for the metoo movement harvey weinstein will turn himself in tomorrow and face criminal charges weinstein has been under investigation by the manhattan district attorney's office for months stemming from accusations of sexual misconduct by actresses lucia evans and pas de la puerta evans says in two thousand four weinstein forced her to perform a sexual act on him and daily wear does says weinstein raped her in two thousand ten they are just two of the roughly eighty women who've accused the former film producer of rape sexual assault or harassment actress gwyneth paltrow who is not part of the criminal complaint against weinstein but has alleged he made a passer detailed in an interview with howard stern that her then boyfriend brad pitt threatened weinstein.

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