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Every day. You watch the whole rehab process of joe borough right the pain the suffering the work that goes into it. What are you doing as duke. Tobin watching that game yesterday. Say man taking a lot of hits again. It's not just the sax the t higgins bowl. That was cotton fumbled. You're an inch or two away from a finger or an elbow being hit on a helmet because there's so much pressure. How are you as duke. Tobin sitting back and watching that yesterday after knowing what joe borough went through saying. We're okay with this. That's that's insane. Twenty four minutes away from four o'clock. He's tony pica mo- egger it is the tonia mo- football show here at twin peaks and florence. You'll hear from sack. Taylor coming up in just about one half hour talking about two rules that start with the letter. T. when we come back on. Espn fifteen thirty. Cincinnati sports station sports headlines service kelsey chevrolet home a lifetime powertrain protection guarantee credit approval from their family to yours for life. Kelsey chef dot com. I three tonight. At great american ballpark between the reds and the pittsburgh pirates vladimir good ariza and left he dylan peters are on the mound opposing each other six forty tonight weather permitting on seven hundred wwl w reds obviously dropped their last two against los angeles cincinnati is three games out of the last wildcard behind saint louis cardinals beginning a four-game set with the brewers starting tonight bengals news guard. Keaton sutherland has been placed on the reserve kobe. Nineteen list cincinnati. Getting set to play the pittsburgh steelers on sunday. One you'll hear that game live on. Espn radio here. Monday night football on fox sports thirteen sixty tonight. Lions and packers college football. Uc slides down a spot in the coaches poll. Eight in the top twenty five ohio state tenth. Ap twelve from the coaches poll. Cincinnati's sean pace that big fourth quarter. Pick against indiana named the american athletic conference defensive player of the week. You can hear the mark stoops radio show tonight at six. Pm right here on espn fifteen thirty. We'll do some bearcats here in in just a bit but there's two rules in football to drive me nuts. One is taunting in the nfl and this was a problem throughout the league. Yesterday we saw the taunton call on vaughn. Von bell got a flag for yelling. Justin fields there yelling. And i'm sorry at any free yelling at antidote. Which by the way. I've done many many times in my life for a yelling at andy dalton. The i think i understand. I don't think the bears call either officiating an. Nfl game is difficult to know that. Now you put under the umbrella of nfl game official that you now have to start legislating. Well did he. Did he say a bad word at the player that he tackled. Ooh he spun the ball near the sideline. I mean this is a game of intense men a that is requires emotion and is going to draw out sometimes the worst in people. i think to ask officials to litigated. That's stuff is absurd. It's just weird like what's the line. You draw lamar jackson flipping into the end zone. Would that not be taunting. Somebody would a team that has an interception that all runs down and takes a picture together like where do you draw the line with allowing players to show emotion and have fun and completely ruining these things if you get a third down stop. You're supposed to celebrate that if you get a pass deflection. You're supposed to celebrate that stuff. You just want him to just run back and now become robots but some people can do certain things and at this time it's okay but if it's at this point it's not okay. It's just impossible to govern. And it's one of the. I think a lot of rules that are put in place after the fact are dumb. This might be the dumbest it's idiotic. It's eddie arctic to allow penalties for things like one player yelling player to change possibly the outcome of a game. It is ridiculous. Do you think the officials got it right in calling. Mica mcfadden of indiana for targeting. I do you believe they got there. Was i mean. that's the letter. They they missed one later in the game that was egregious but by the taunting the targeting definition. That was it i agree. I think it's absurd that somebody like that gets kicked around fifteen. That's fine and if you do it twice you're gone right but i've said this for years that we've seen it in the college football playoff guys. Get ejected. i'm like played his whole season. Yeah this whole life and you kick them out because of that or he's got a half because of that. Because i at the split second a player might be getting tackled and what you might be. Thinking is hitting a guy in. His chest is now hitting him in his head. It's absurd throw the fifteen yard or move forward guy should not be ejected for stuff like that being said. i didn't mind him being objected. No change of course. It did entirely change the trajectory of the game and is a bear cat fan great. He's not in but but as a general rule it stupid. There is a market difference between intentionally trying to hurt somebody and something happening within the context of a game. That is a penalty how it's not targeting. One targeting similar to what we have in basketball college level. It's ridiculous i felt bad for that. Do i felt bad for that guy now. I think they got it right. I was surprised as everybody. Because i think most of us were thinking. They're reviewing whether desmond brenner fumble. The ball or not they come on. And they announced that he's been mcfadden had been flagged for targeting and i think by the letter of the rule. They got it right. I think it is beyond absurd that something like that get you kicked out of the game. Was that before. Or after the fan base it started yelling overrated about the bearcats. It's going to do that if you're gonna do the overrated at least hang in. Yeah and and take your pill when the game's over because that those fans altered very very quickly in a very poor poor showing for the fans that flipped over the tailgate as well so the nfl you fans. I'm assuming college kids walk up. This has gone viral and flipped over a couple of barakat fans who were tailgating bad. Look what are you doing bad. Look what we. I know an ab has been put out for those barricade fans. Do we know who they are no since he shirts his on the case they're looking as well. Let's just poor fat. That's poor form. It's bad i'm gonna try each week. We do this show to come up with a stat. That i think will just like either. Eat away at you or blow your mind a little bit joining to give you the stat. And lets you kind of stu on during break. Yeah yes. so here's the stat. Did you see the andrew russell stat on pro football. Focus about the bengals offense. The some you talked about many times last year the bengals run the ball on second all now now. This second along is classified as six yards or more the bengals by the way it should be classified as seven. Yeah the bengals. Run the ball on second long fifty eight percent of the time.

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