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Latest from the seeing the us i'm davis reimer abortion rights opponents marched on washington only average three of the supreme courts nineteen seventy three role versus way decision legalizing abortion organizers say tens of thousands of protesters came out nbc's gloria riviera reports from washington and the march for life happens every january let this year many fans i abortion procedures say they're seeing a window of opportunity in one of america's most controversial and injuring culture lawrence and this is christine hot there's the president of students for like of america we have a chance now out accomplishing our mission out of all icing abortion i lifetime in on the most recent pulls show that sixty four percent of americans believe that abortions should be legal in all their most cases a supreme court vacancy and republican led congress could mean drastic changes to abortion rights in the coming years abc's gloria riviera in washington oscar nominated actor john hurt his dion he was seventy seven more from abc's richard davies the hurt played a remarkable range of rolls over fifty years and tv station movies one of his best known was is the torture john merrick an elephant mass it is and he played a magical one salesman in the harry potter movies along too was the was it was the puck hurts most recent always in the oscar nominated film jackie he died in london after suffering from chi korea had a cancer richard davies abc news the white house is president trump is skipping leon foul for dinner the annual dinner tonight everyone how saw cuban since ronald reagan has shown up for the black tie affair to rob elbows dave schreiber abc news.

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