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Called lib com dot org posted in twenty eleven quote scott walker is a fascist perhaps not in the classical sense he doesn't operate in the streets but a fascist nonetheless he is a fascist for his program takes immediate and direct aim at a sector of the working class code quota after the two thousand twelve rnc convention the chair of the california democratic party man named john burton said this republicans lie and they don't care if people think they lie as long as you lie nazi propaganda minister joseph gurgles the big lie you just keep repeating it close this of course before donald trump even appeared on the scene so when people say well the reason the language has gotten so in so incendiaries because donald trump these guys have been referring to republicans is not since the sixties another example chair of the south carolina democratic party in two thousand twelve compared the republican governor nikki haley hitler's mistress when this chair was told that the republicans were holding a press conference at the nascar hall of fame basement studio the year of the south carolina democratic party man named dick harpootlian told his delegation governor haley was down in a bunker allah eva braun these guys have been doing this for a very long time joe is in austin texas joe you're on the larry elder show thank you so much for calling yeah larry hey i really take offense to anybody being called a nazi i'm fifty six years old lamb the grandson of a prisoner of war was captured or pena moondog and a few no i i know how they behave.

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