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There's nothing like competing for your country. The pressure is the passion the product who will take home the ryder cup beginning. September twenty four on nbc golf and peacock Welcome to the peter king. Podcast so happy. You could join me this week. After ace scintillating week of games around the national football league. We're to break down those games and some of the teams that we love in some of the teams. We don't after two weeks. I'm gonna break those down with paul burmeister. My friend from nbc sports and then later on in the podcast. I'll be joined by paul allen the minnesota vikings play by play man. Who is i would say. It's fair to say still a bit apoplectic. After greg joseph's thirty seven yard field goal when eighteen inches wide to the right and cost the minnesota vikings there nine hundred sixty eighth football game from kicker seemingly in like the last three or four years but anyway we will find What the angst level is in the land of ten thousand lakes in a few minutes but now hey paul. Thanks so much for joining me this week. How are you good. Peter after listening that intro. I'm wondering who do you picture being your. Mvp your your most valuable. Paul here this album. That's a good one paul. You were always my most valuable paul. Come on. Let's not joke about that. Especially when i'm the one who's on with you at john. Yeah it'll be it'll be good to hear. I read a great story this morning online From mark craig longtime A sports journalist up in minneapolis. And he's a hall of fame voter..

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