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Major sponsors American Eagle credit union. Well, as Charlie and Debbie were enjoying a little bit of deja vu, drink Amir Coffey by the fireplace. A pre-christmas calm had fallen over the home. They were waiting for their out of town out of town sons and their families to arrive to share Christmas with so Maria is taking a nap upstairs with a migraine. Let me write that down. Charlie. How would you bring all those men bided date her? That reminds me I wrote down earlier get a check from Debbie for one hundred and fifty dollars for firewood. Did you give me that? Yes. Yes. Yes. Charlie. It's in the envelope. You insisted I give you and you put it in your pocket a half an hour ago. But I don't see why we should pay a hundred and fifty dollars for would. We'll never use. Are you crazy? We're sitting by the fire right now. Isn't this lovely? Yes. Charlie, but it's a gas fireplace. No fooling. Yes. Charlie. You had a converted last spring because a salesman told you it was safer. Gosh. I wish it were spring right now Charlie one hundred fifty dollars for would we will never use. Honestly. Well, if it'll help Maria get married think of her as a daughter, it's worth it. Now, I'm getting a headache. Charlie. I'll be in the kitchen making cookie dough for when they all get here who everybody have. I got a list of who's coming. Yes. Charlie. Just check your list. Let's see names to remember, Tom, and Amy and their kids Riley, Erica, Audrey and Beck. God, what a pack names. And then there's Mark and Jane and their son, Michael. Hello. Yeah. This is Charlie. Who's this? Oh, yeah. I remember. No, no, no. I haven't forgotten. I've got a written down. How late are you open? Okay. I'll write it down again and merry Christmas. She's gonna love it who was that on the phone, Charlie. So little secret someone's gonna love their Christmas present, I hope you didn't order miracle oranges from Florida like last year because they have them at all these for half of what you paid. I never got you miracle oranges that I'd remember. Oh, thank God. They're here. I got it..

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