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John Aaron a new push from Congress for expanded testing for covert nineteen I'm Mitchell Miller today on the hill and on Wall Street the Dow lost four hundred forty five the nasdaq down one twenty three and the S. and P. down sixty three WTOP at four thirty CBS news update the head of the World Health Organization is voicing his disapproval of president trump's decision to halt funding for the agency but Ted was Gabrielle's who's promises a review of its decisions while saying how else the U. N. group helps worldwide W. Joe is not only fighting corporate nineteen we're also working to address polio measles malaria Ebola HIV tuberculosis in California governor Gavin Newsom is just an ounce cash payments to immigrants living in the country illegally he says five hundred dollars will go to about one hundred fifty thousand adults and I'm not here to suggest that a hundred twenty five million dollars is enough but I am here to suggest it's a good start and I'm very proud of starting here in the state of California it's being paid out with a mix of taxpayer money in charitable contributions immigrants are not eligible for the federal stimulus package money CBS news update all Matt Piper there's a new push in Congress for the trump administration to do more to increase testing for coronavirus WTOP's Mitchell Miller today on the hill Senate Democrats say the testing is going too slowly and that much more needs to be done Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer you have to ramp up testing so it can be done on a broader scale we need to get the results back quickly that's going to take a national major effort Democrats are calling for thirty billion dollars to fund the programs which would include free testing and increased tracking president trump has defended the administration's handling of testing and says tests have greatly increased as for new legislation house Majority Leader Steny Hoyer says he's holding out hope for an agreement soon but there are few signs at least right now that's going to happen on Capitol Hill Mitchell Miller WTOP news force thirty three now to our region DC requires it and soon Maryland will too a new executive order from governor Larry Hogan calls for people to wear masks while shopping the new executive order mandating masks when shopping in grocery stores pharmacies and convenience stores goes into effect Saturday morning in Maryland governor Larry Hogan says it also applies when riding transit we've done a really good job of people.

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