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The nypd hats. And everything. I'm sure. I would like to think that in some way these teams. Ob sporting some sort of hat all they have to. They have to wear the hats that those teams wore back in. Two thousand you feel like they have to be case. I remember they would bobby valentine at the time joe torre. I mean we were wearing these hats. I don't care what anybody says. we're putting these on. Were wearing them. And that is that's the deal or you. So you saw joe judge where the marines had after the a suicide bombing in afghanistan. Yeah thought that meant to ask them about that yesterday. And i didn't ask him when when he hung up. I was just really like. I wanted to ask him about that and why they did that and i know he talked about it after the game or wanted to hear from the horse's mouth yesterday. Let's go to matt middletown. What's up man. Hey what's going on. You guys.

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