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Exploited? The skinny is really kind of turning sideways in the whole right and so the hallways they're skidding and yeah and the linebacker came right across and as a had the ball here he came right across. Because usually you go here I turn here exposing posing the ball and he had a perfect shot hit me the ball bounce up in the air and luckily then saved the day for me but it it could have been a you. You know I hate to say you know another guy's name but a bill buckner type moment. Because had he had we lost that game that would have been the end of my career. And that's that's definitely all everything everybody would talk about. You wouldn't even be talking about that. You know what I might be a little more sensitive to it. If you fumbled and you guys didn't get to the Super Bowl you might. Yeah Yeah because I believe that. Yeah I've been around that terrible. No I'm close but not no I. I would have been sensitive to you. Know we start to look at running back Jerome. It's kind of hard to figure out what is great now because it's a different label to what is like Derrick Henry. Twenty years ago fifteen years ago. That's what the NFL was and we brought back old school. A little. The titans but I don't know will we see A. Is that the new thing. Possibly that the running back is going to be that big physical back or is there just only one on Derrick Henry. I think what you want to see is teams figuring out what they have at quarterback and I think what you have at quarterback is going to determine what you need at running back. If you've got a really outstanding quarterback I e Patrick Mahomes then no. You're not going to invest I in that running back because the odds of you running. You know four times a game very slim right so you. You'RE GONNA put a make the investment vestment in the receivers around your quarterback. If you don't have that superstar quarterback the now you have to think about how are we going to be successful breath in the NFL. Because it's not impossible. And I think the Tennessee. Titans proved at any age. You can still run the football and win football games. So I think the quarterback position determines because it Tennessee had a really good quarterback. Henry wouldn't have had the opportunity to run the football. The only only reason he ran the football so much this year because the quarterback situation deteriorated to the point. Where they said we're going to give you thirty carries because we're not sure sure if we want to throw the football thirty times and they saw they had a star in in Henry and they said okay? We're going to keep it going but then comes uh-huh decision at quarterback now if you go out and try to go get a you know expensive quarterback or if you keep tenny hill then you wanna WanNa keep running back if you go out and try to trade for a star quarterback than I think. You're going to let the running back go but if the titans would bring in Tom Brady are are you keeping Derrick Henry yes because one you WANNA help. Tom Thought about forty times right. But you know when he does throw he's GonNa be accurate passer. Make the right decision and you may be able to prolong his career. Maybe a year or two. Because you're gonNA give the bulk of the work the running back. I know that you told me this story. I hope you didn't tell it to me in confidence but if you did it's no longer in confidence you told me about the Super Bowl Ben Rothlisberger first super bowl and how the moment you get ready for the moment but the moment was too big for him like you guys. The veterans were kind of calming calming him. Down in the huddle what you remember about that. It was it was one of those he wanted to win the game. You know what I mean. There's not that's not uncommon you. We saw what happened. Baltimore's same situation. You had a quarterback who's having the MVP year and he wanted to win the game and and and there was some times in Baltimore Ravens playoff game where the quarterback probably should give the ball to the running back but instead he he wanted to keep it because he wanted to have a bigger impact in a game. That's that's normal for a young quarterback in here young in this Super Bowl Mike that moment but but but these guys are me being with the second year early quarterback yeah so And you know in Baltimore more. Obviously you've got a second quarterback so as you get older you realize that the moment is not as big and and thebenz credit. Did he settled down in that game. But you know the game tune. It wasn't so much me talking to him as much as he was allowing the game to to happen. You know what I mean when you when you go out there and things are going away. You have to kind of reassess everything and we had a veteran team so everybody was got on the same page and we were fine. Yeah it's just you know that moment where guys throw up before the Super Bowl. Yeah did you know I didn't. It wasn't my hometown. I was excited. This is a big moment but you gotta remember too. I was the hours e and the wrapping paper so to speak because I wasn't doing the heavy lifting running the football and I was the quarterback so I was the wrapping paper that you tear off and you you get to the hit stuff our worst game. Starting you tear me off the end of that when when Myron cope the legendary broadcaster. I called you the bus. What did you think of that nickname? So so the story. They heard me be called the bus. We went up to Wisconsin. And one of the coaches Wisconsin was at Notre Dame and his brother was tied on my team and long story short. I'm in the lobby in. He says hey. A bussey doing coaches former coach lane. And then Bill Hillgrove and Marco we heard him say it and then that next preseason game we replaying Wisconsin and gives Green Bay. He said he kind of looks like a boss. That's talk and the rest is history before well. When Notre Dame had two nicknames? I had I had the bus but also had big daddy bigotry quick as a caddy. That's why they call it. It sounds like something. No it was the officer line. The legendary offense Lineman Joe Moore. Who was who had coached on his guys at Pitney was at Notre Dame he he came up with that that low the biggest truck quick as a caddy? That's why I call them big daddy dion downstairs in the green room marching. Did he ever tackle you. He made some really good business decisions. But I'll tell you and that's his term. He came up with that term But when he would do he was so good he was so fast that he will go by and he would just be which was which is the best way to do it. Well there's speed and then there's there's world like Tyreek Hill you look at him and you go. He's faster than than everybody. Yes right dion on had that he had that kind of speed where he was just fascinating. Everybody he's told he always tells the story about when he was trying to tackle bow and he was a freshman. I think for the state. And he said Bo Jackson baptized him. He did that hand on the forehead. I leave on the grounds. How's that happens on my favorite story? You're you had surgery spine. Surgery and new is the the company that you're working with. Explain what happened in how they've helped you've come to so after retired and we talked about it. I mean I was starting to get really a beat up and I think that was partially why you stay with me in that run that we had. Because I was paying and dillon with some issues I am and they got progressively worse. I started to play golf and I thought that I was okay. But I really wasn't in and then having kids playing with the kids. My quality quality of life started to deteriorate really quickly so I started to do some research because I knew I needed a fusion for my back and I started. I found the right surgery surgery which was called exit surgery and then I needed to find the right surgeon found the right surgeon. Dr My name Dr Ebay. He was world.

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