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And is the on ly home with thermometer recommended by hospitals, positions and clinics. Stay safe with ex surgeon Body and cool here this afternoon. Slight chance for a shower to temperatures this afternoon reaching highs in the mid upper fifties. Cloudy overnight Tonight. Lower fifties. Lots of clouds around For tomorrow we could see a few peeks of sunshine through the afternoon highs tomorrow mid fifties, a little more sunshine, mixing into the clouds Wednesday as we have through mid week highs again. Mid 50 still running a few degrees below average frontal system due in for the end of the week. Rain on Thursday mid fifties chance for rain, possibly even snow showers. Friday colder upper thirties Meteorologist Ken Boon from the Weather Channel on the Voice of Boston. Am 6 80. W. R. K o W. R. K o as your chance to win $1000 text the nationwide keyword check to 202 100. You'll get a confirmation, text and info standard. That and message rates apply in this nationwide contest. That's check 202 100. If you think we're just four wheels and a grill, think again. Jeep Grand Cherokee redefines freedom. What really makes cheap. It's finding the perfect balance between luxury and adventure without ever compromising, strutting across the country to see your family to make new memories. So what makes Jeep You do cheap. There's only one registered trademark of the USA LLC. What does covert 19 have to do with losing her home? Well, a lot. Cyber crime is up 75% since the virus hit us Rudy Giuliani here, and if you own a home or property, look out for home title theft, one of the fastest growing crimes, the legal titles toe all our homes are online. Now all thieves have to do is forge your signature on a quit claim deed stating you sold your home. Then they take out loan after loan on.

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