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Superstar Alex pragman step to the right? The pitch swing a Dr Latvia Benintendi coming on. And then he make the catch. Got it. Red sox. I just went head over heels for my chair fell down. Oh, wow. What a catch by Andrew Benintendi. And Joe Castiglione the Red Sox broadcaster kind enough to join us. How you feeling today? Joe? Very good. I seat your seatbelt saves. And and that was one, but it was an absolutely amazing play in this Red Sox outfield. Best defensive outfielder. I think baseball's ever seen. Okay. We'll get to that in a moment. But what happens on the call that you go head over heels? Well, it was a very tense moment. You know, your your body tenses up, and I made the call that I went to back up in the chair with the wheels on it and share went one way. And and I stood where I was. There was no chair there anymore. For me. But you stayed with the call Joe blow but bounced right back. Oh. It was a time as I said, you should always have your seatbelt fastened, especially intense games like that anything ever happened like that before. No. That's a I in thirty six years or Red Sox baseball. I've never seen a game. And on a catch like that. Certainly of this magnitude, and he was incredible. Because Josh Radic made a catch to say two or three runs in the top of the inning, very similar play. If he doesn't make that catch though, Joe I get the feeling with two outs in Kemp on. I is often running Red Sox could have easily lost that game gave him certainly Al question about it. But then he did say that he saw got jammed a little bit and the ball hung up, and these off-field is your fearless. They have great speed. They have great reaction. You got very good job. It wasn't all that high. And it was hooking a little bit away from. But he just laid out. We've seen him. Do it time after time. And the biggest moment he made the play. And that's the way these young guys. Ben. What did you think of the fan interference? Call initially. Well, initially I thought that was fair game. When you go into the stance, and it was very hard to tell those fan reached over the yellow line. There would have been one really good side shot except the security guy got in the way, but it was a definitive call by Joe west and the more. I see it the more. I think Joe got it. Right. Mckee told us after the game on our post game show. He definitely would have caught that ball. He really felt that he had it lined up and he would have made the play. And you know, Dan, it's amazing was Joe west because he has been involved in so many huge plays in Red Sox history. Two thousand four he was the empire at second base. When they Roberts had the biggest deal in baseball history in game six there was a line drive by bell horns with two men on the left field. Tirol double the ball hit the fan in the chest bounce on the field. Joe west older rule. They called it a home run. And then there was the play at first base where a rod slap the ball out of Robson's royals and rolled down the line. And Joe west was the one to overturn the call at ruled a-rod out brainer. Ferrets and here he is in another huge Red Sox moment. He probably gonna get a standing ovation next time. He goes to Fenway. Well, he should. You know, he likes to be in the middle of things, and he gets there. Number two. With most games. I'm fired all time, but he has a special place with us in New England because he's very generous to the Jimmy fund that's really helped us out and Jimmy radiotelephone. It's also when I don't know a team that was this good for an entire season that came into the postseason as maybe an underdog, and certainly an underdog, you know, with the Yankees in an underdog here with the Astros. It feels like how surprised are you that they're sort of not looked at as dominating? Well, I thought they should have been considered better than the AKIs or the Astros champions, and that's understandable, because they have more seasoned veterans in many ways. But I am surprised at this team to one hundred eight games wasn't considered the best team in baseball. Because I went in thinking that they were and I think it wasn't just by partiality or that of Red Sox nation because this team has everything it has power has speed. I it's the most athletic team we've ever had. And it's the best defensive team are the quest. Some of the questions were regarding the bullpen and the setup guys have just been outstanding this whole series Ryan brazier Matt Barnes, Joe Kelley, and that's been a huge difference in this series. And now you've got David price. How confident are you price on the road? Why are they gonna spend a beauty here? Our old manager. Joe Morgan would say he's I think he was ready to pitch last night. And he did get hot. I don't know how much that'll affected in the bullpen. But I think he can put that behind him. Come out and and pitch well here, and I think it's a good spot for him. He pitch very well against Houston. Last year out of the bullpen. Sixty two thirds score was innings in the division series. And he probably won't go too deep into the game. Considering today did warm up twice last night. And they'll need the bulk it's gonna be a tough task with Burland. But I think David certainly pitch. Well enough to keep the Red Sox in the game. Are you going to have a seat belt on tonight? I may stand by. Joe? Thank you for joining us and good luck tonight. Well, thank you, Dan. We love your show. Thank you. Joe castiglione? He's the Red Sox broadcaster socks Astros game five. What time is that game? We know what time it is. I should ask. Joe? Eight oh, nine eastern. It's gonna go head to head with the football game. And then LeBron is ten thirty eastern in Portland. Is that sound about right? Yes. Satellite going on tonight. Actually, I know do I gotta get a nap. It's a must nap situation here for their any other high school games. I look watching tape for before had a Friday modern day again, Saint John Bosco, and I watched the real last night. Only I watched the full quarter. Okay. Not the whole game. Yeah. Point the Honduran highlight league is I in their finals tonight. I don't know if I'll watch that, paulie. I think you're saying that ingest the good thing. Now, we have tape of you on this. Don, what does it Saint John Bosco not bond? Don Bosco is in jersey, Saint John Bosco. You're way ahead of the curve on his quarterback if he becomes the star. Yeah. He's going to be a star. These these these really talent he played for the bills, right? Yes. He could he could I think so his name is DJ you. Yeah. A lot of owls in there. Although you're telling me that dude's in highschool. Yes. And he's the quarterback Carlos boozer. He's like full grown. Yeah. Now, he's got all the throws it, and it was an impressive performance in modern day came in is the number one team in the country. So that's why I wanted to. Yes. Mclovin. One anywhere where he's going to this. They didn't know they didn't say, yeah. I looked it up. They didn't have a commitment anyway. But modern days quarterback, I think is going to USC, and then they had JT Daniels who was there last year mater day or was it last year, and he's at USC. Now, if you were a top high school star quarterback, would you go to USC right now with Daniels there for maybe two more years, and yet you gotta wait till your junior year to get a snap. Maybe. But it feels like these kids as as you saw with Clemson where you have a guy who's successful Kelly Bryant. And then all of a sudden Trevor Lawrence comes in and these kids all they're not afraid. I mean, they're ready to play. And I think that's what happens if you happen to slip up or you're injured then they bring in somebody else. I mean, Bama had Jalen hurts. That didn't stop to Saint iron all come in. And you know, look at Georgia's situation with their quarterbacks. Easson then from now this kid fields now fields. Maybe the guy that they turn to the it's there's so many young quarterbacks now ready to play. Yes. He kills me about people getting on college, athletes and their loyalty knowing to the TA. Okay. What about the loyalty to the team? The teams aren't loyal to you. They're only as loyal was the guy standing behind you. And as soon as they get a better player to fill your spot, you're out. Yeah. Had somebody who's affiliated with the Ohio State program who I talked to I exchange text messages yesterday. And he said, I'm not gonna say it publicly. But you're right. You know, Nick did the right thing and you have to look out for yourself. And he said, you said one thing and he actually gave fritzy credit and it was seat new set at that. You know, Nick Bosa has control of this. This is the only time where you can control something and he's controlling it in. That's know, his future. He said, yes. You know, your top ten talent. And it's a lot of money. And there's no guarantee when he comes back and hell healthy he's going to be when he comes back. What if he's not healthy? You know, does he hurt? Does he hurt himself going into the draft? He said, you know, they obviously love to have them out on the field because this defense is not as good as we've had in years gone by. But so the made the right decision. It's a business decision. He said we make business decisions all the time. And we're we're okay because we're grownups. He's a kid. You're not allowed to make a business decision. Yeah. You can all right. When we come back Orel Hershiser. The former dodger grade on what we saw with Clayton Kershaw last night. Also oral was very critical of Manny Machado with. What happened at first base? His. He's unwilling to run hard. 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