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Done tonight whereas that just had it she did this last year on farc she had the shoes brings out a who's who of people and showtime at the apollo was rates like this is every night there's somebody that has some kind of a it's a music variety show oh fine i finish the colonel louis you did that oh yeah we did you did was like karma popcorn i we could in style did not so good i'm going to watch as subtly gird danny where are you southern seven all you have you seen without a march abba so now are no say have you now you be ready to have you know fun hosed with whoever your with okay afterwards because it really gets everybody lather up it's really quite raissi it really has no we couldn't sap watching it easy couldn't sabri either i can't believe it i even i even i've got so much joy had me because i get takes me all that i know okay so favorite headlines today arm robin roberts literally sane by felicia oh so it's just as if he announced he's done upset about her leaving the white house and she just had to sassi parting words downey i just played it play began she wiz very ready is such good classy shea armor as a promising to tell her story sure there by felicia it by vanish anyway oh my gosh they better abc disney bear now make robin say any thought hey deal i hope she doesn't my favorite tweet about armor so is that cheer when the apprentice celebrity apprentice ours apprentice white house good point by what about uh oprah winfrey will receive the cecil b demille award of the golden globes known that letter contributions to entertain film yeah that's good good for her and she's in good company right now password of lorries suggest signed on to play a nineteenthcentury icelandic murderous true story well it's and it it is a tributary be sent a book it sounds kind of good and the guy the guy the directors really good anyway e news is breaking that news it's from a book called burial burriel rates wake as he that word parallel monreale burial ray lake mary all i know of burial you know what would be fun too much tonight narrows wedding okello's you do that no my i watched the crowd why because aims elath will is the crime funny ordering videoing hero.

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