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PS four exclusive launch game awareness, insomniac games go from here. Obviously, Spiderman two game would seem inevitable. But what other projects could you foresee them working on the feature anymore? Marvel property games and actually thanks for everything you do grant weld grant. Thank you so much for writing in. Of course you can be part of the show at kind of any dot com slash k. f. GD I would say I wanna see resistance comeback. Do I really enjoyed that franchise? And I think it's a think it's been gone long enough now that there's probably a whole swath of gamers who are out there going. I have no idea what resistances in that is kinda tragic. I think insomniac has such an amazingly diverse set of intellectual property that they work on. And I know that they're studios been very focused on VR doing a couple of different VR to a couple of others. I think. Title number four? Yeah, it's been. It's been a ton in. So I would really like see them go back to something a little bit grittier darker. Obviously they're known for being women claiming. You've got sunset overdrive and obviously Spiderman has got a lot of levity and humor in it, but I want to see him go almost seem dark again. What do you think. If I were just throw some at the wall, I want to see I want. I want the industry to take another stab in iron man game. That's what I want. Iran man has always been one of my favorite superheroes. I think if if Marvel's looking at insomniac thing and like, all right, you guys really like you knocked this out of the park. We'd really like to see you tackle some other properties. I'd like to see an iron man game. I don't know how much of of their existing work translates, but they feel like they could do this Justice. Resistance was a was one that I never really got into it. I tried and I feel like there's something there that would probably grab me. And maybe it was just a timing issue for me, but I think it was resistance to I tried to play and for whatever reason, it just didn't grab me at the time. Sorry, audience. If you hate me now, I'm sure they don't hate you. But yeah, I think iron man is an interesting idea. I'm not sure where that would fit in with square inex- and crystal dynamics working on an ventures game. That's kind of like it's not the perfect. This is something I could happening man in VR insomniacs. Marvels storm land has a storm land has a propulsion system in your flying around. It's like, how close is this going to get? Can we put it man skin on it? That would be cooling all the avengers heroes. It seems like obviously, iron man feels ripe for VR with Jarvis and like the mask and all that stuff. So who knows? But we are obviously very happy for insomniac and congrats on such an amazing and PD month. I have no doubt that as we go into the holiday season that they are only going to rack up more sales and hopefully some some game of the year accolades as well and let us know what you guys saying. What would you like to see from insomniac games? Right. Us kind of cave GD. Alright. Our last item on the Roper report. I apologize to everybody who is maybe a little fatigued with the rockstar game news, but with red dead redemption to launching this week, don't anticipate abating anytime soon. This one, Dan Houser happy to not be doing GT six in the current climate. This right up comes from GM. Dan Houser has said that he's thank. F-full to be releasing red dead redemption to and not GTE six this week because the latter would be quote out of date within two minutes in an extensive interview with g. q. rockstar co-founder, discussed, flagship franchise tone doesn't quite mesh. What the current cultural climate quote. It's really unclear what we would do even with GTS six, let alone how upset people would get with whatever we did both intense liberal progression and intense conservatism are both very militant and very angry. It is scary, but it's also strange, and yet both of them seem occasionally veered towards the absurd. It's hard to satirize for those reasons. Some of the stuff you see is straightforwardly beyond satire. It would be out of date within two minutes. Everything is changing so fast and quote, man, he is absolutely right that GTE six releasing today would have a Salou of problems..

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