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Right i say walgreens was a key the key to a lot of this and how you know this this fraud was perpetrated and how it lasted so long elizabeth homes and sonny bono approached walgreens and early two thousand ten and asserted to to the company that they had the technology could do a bunch of blood tests just drop a bug from finger and walgreens hired actually a lamb consultant in kevin hunter to help kick the tires and and verify that their noses claims were true and this guy kevin hunter traveled with while rinse executive several times palo alto to meet with was with and sunny and he started asking questions in the one of the lab he asked for comparison study and soon was bitten sunny were were displeased with him and and his nettlesome questions and they asked walgreens to no longer include him in in person meetings between the two companies and these weekly video conference calls that they had and they made clear that they would walk away if walgreens you know didn't do what they said and so amazingly walgreens at that point excluded its own lamp consultant that it was paying you know to protect its own interests from a meetings going forward and he was marginalized and and you know he tried to prevent you tribes are you with his superior walgreens to to not do this but walgreens did and reason while rings did walrus was obsessed with its rivalry with cvs its larger rival which is based in rhode island walgreens as suburbs chicago and executive executives at walgreens saw everything through the prism of this.

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