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Him out and me thanks. Lebron knew he had seven points and said guys. I think i've got one more shot in me. Because he went back in the game hit hit his one and only shot a corner three to get to ten points then they called another time out and now he's out a month so i'm not saying that was a higher degree of difficulty and more clutch shot than jordan's against utah. All i am saying is that was game six. That jordan did his. They were going to have a game seven. Even if you missed lebron was going to be streak over. It's been working on the streets since two thousand seven and any nails. So i'm just under saying this. Add that to the luggage bar. His suffers a second injury. Ever has the self awareness. I need to hit a three to get to ten point. I can do that even though. I basically have a broken leg. It's like tiger. The masters broken legs. I won't make that leela. But i think it is a fascinating point made by nick riders if what people are saying. I'm hearing what i'm here. I'm hearing it's more. It's like the ray allen shot michael jordan shot and lebron's three in the corner against the hawks in the second quarter in march. I think that's the list all right if that's how it lands for you. It makes me happy. Nick right first things first. Pleasure to see you buddy. I do appreciate it. One more herd the herd streams twenty four hours a day seven days a week within the iheartradio app. Search her to listen. Live or on demand. Whenever you like. I think about that. When i think why alabama quarterbacks don't work to and aj mccarron jalen hurts was not considered a prospect when he was at alabama now he is out of in oklahoma. But here's a great example. This why all these great quarterbacks who signed with these ohio states these. Usc's and these alabama's don't become pros because it's not a real experience. You don't have to overcome. Think about this. Here's the colleges of the eight division winners quarterbacks last year for my radio audience wyoming miami of ohio. Texas tech old dominion cal. Texas am purdue and wisconsin not exactly football powers. Texas am thinks they are they're not wisconsin's good not great. That is where all by the way. The guy went to a junior college. The texas guy started as a wide receiver. Okay that's not random. That's not unique. That's the way the league works is if dak prescott go back Mississippi state terrible offensive line. Got the crap out of him for multiple years at matt ryan no. Nfl players. Philip rivers nc state. So when i look at mack. Jones never trailed in the second half of any game this year. Wide receivers three of them parole players offensive line best in the sport. I remember when matt liner came out of usc and he stayed in extra a year and a lot of people criticized. And they're oh my god. Why wouldn't you come out and you're giving up money you. Could you ever get back. And i remember. I remember talking about this on the air at the other place i was like i think he's got a better life like usc was so dominant. He rarely got hit. He was the big man on campus. There was no pro- nfl team in town. I'm like yeah i get. Why comes back. He's living the great looking kid. Dominating college football cover of magazines like why. Go out a year early to a terrible team. Go enjoy your college experience. Like i get it. When you play quarterback at alabama. It's a very enjoyable experience. You always lead. You always have the best coach. You always have the best or second best offensive line you never trail. There's rare crises. I just think. I don't think that's the way you get ready for the nfl. I just don't think it is. I think drew brees was overlooked in. Tom brady had to sit on the bench and it. Just i mean the last quarterback who was like a blue blood. That worked was peyton manning. Great in high school and college. Great in the nfl like it. Just it was all perfect. We knew he was going to be great. And he's great cam. Newton went to been junior college down in the south. That's just the way it works. So i do my questions with mac jones. It's now again if he goes and gets kyle shanahan. All bets are off or it gets bella check. All bets are off. We we know that he's going to have good offensive lines with those two coaches. But i do think there is something to be said for struggling early in your life and it being a great advantage later in life as a parent. I'm always like my kids. Have a better life than i did. And i think they do but i don't wanna i don't know i don't want him to every corner have crown. Molding and granite countertops. I want buy a new car. I'm gonna buy used car and you're gonna have to go to the shop and take yourself there and i don't know your first apartment complex out of college should not be beautiful. Mine wasn't it's like take out your own garbage. You know. I don't think grooving somebody's life it in the moment. It feels great. But it doesn't set you up for the hardships of life. And i don't think it sets you up for what the the nfl is. The nfl is hard. It is hard. It's hard on a good. I mean brady screaming at people. New england get open and alabama. Everybody's always wide open. Be sure to catch live editions of the heard. Weekdays at noon eastern nine. am pacific on fox. Sports radio one and the iheartradio app. What's up everyone. It's meet three times. Nfl all pro. Sean and i have a new sports. Podcast called the lights. Podcast with sean. Maria this podcast especially with me as i get a chance to talk some of the best ever done it on a field puerta traffic. So whether it's talking to a super bowl champion for nascar cup series champion to the lights out. Podcast will bring it to you. The only way. I know how to. I'm giving you the best insight from the best ever done. It listened to lights out with sean. Pull the i heart radio app or wherever you get your podcast. This is keegan. Michael key and welcome to drafted this. Podcast series follows to college basketball phoenix. The explosive anthony edwards. Who at the university of georgia. What's your superstar details and the university of kentucky tyrus maxi arguably the most energetic hardest working player in the draft as draft my. I'm going to get drafted tonight. We still moving couches. This is their real life as it unfolds in real time and we're going even further behind the scenes with unprecedented access to their klutch sports group founder and ceo rich paul having draft and their head of basketball omar wilkes.

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