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One hundred. Who does the phone taps gary. It's football phone tap from david. Brody coatless check this out here. We go elvis duran solitaire phone tap. Who's doing today's phone tap. Im brody david. Brian david rhody. What's it all about well our listeners. Sandra wanted a phone tap. Her husband's scott who has an obsessive football fan. They just moved. From cleveland and now live in virginia but he still wants to watch his cleveland browns. Of course so. He got the football package on satellite tv. I'm calling of course to tell them there's a problem and he will not be able to walk guys. Pull this every once in a while and it always ends up in tragedy. And it's going to david brody screwing with someone would So there's a little bit of a problem with the tv I thought i was doing at auto pay for the full amount. But apparently i've only been doing at the introductory rate and there supposed to. I guess i've been getting mornings. I don't know. I really wasn't looking at everything i thought i'll email spam but We don't have any extra channels right now. The other thing is all the football stuff is gone. you channels. Yeah i mean. I call them to try to talk to them about like you know. Well they said that we can't go back with the football kids because it's the way it's bundle or something. Yeah they said. That's not i mean. They said that we could do the final sixteens of the season. If you wanted to sign up for that. I told him to call you. He's gonna call you in ten minutes all right. Take them on my cellphone. Yeah all right. Yeah this is josh from. How are you today. Only some good news please. And i'll make my day a lot better. Well the good news. Is you still get all the basic channels that you want including channels. You don't get the football channel. I think i explained to. Your wife are maria but you get great channels like food network and bravo. Tv land and entertainment. You get all those channels on. That was the right amount and so all of your premium channels. Were taken away now because football package you can either by the whole season so they get the final six games of the year so i can't watch talk the season i missed her from cleveland. And i've not missed a browns game since ninety nine when they came back so they can do. I'll i'll talk about on television. Good news you said. you're from cleveland. Yes okay if you check. Tv land as a show called hot in cleveland. It's i. I am ninety nine percent. Sure my wife paid the full amount. Are you sure your records or correct over there getting very upset about a football team. That really doesn't have a running back and wide. Receivers are all secondary back talking. I don't particularly after attitudes. Here's what i'm gonna do. I'm just going to turn off. Your service are not going to take you on defending your insulin. My football team. If you apologize down. I'll put everything back on if i apologize. You put everything back. Yes say no you wanna want you. Football scott mate. I want to watch football team. I wanna watch football team even more than spending time with my annoying wife. Do we football back. I'm not going to tell her. 'i want my football back but i'm not saying that apparently you know what you football back enough. That's fine hold on all right. All right go ahead. I'd rather watch football team than spend time with my annoying. What's okay okay sandra. What do you think sure. God i knew scott this is this is josh this is this is daybreak mel shannon part. Time brown's offensive line. Kind of heart attack over sandra trying to get them spend more time you actually this week by week so we could definitely be something there you go. Let's hear it for the browns fabulous. Absolutely thank you. Dave brody for the one thousand dollar snickers free phone tap line. Three is jennifer was changed her day. A little bit jennifer. We're gonna we're going to mess up your day a little bit and give you a thousand dollars right here. that's true. let it sink in the hundes jennifer. How you feeling okay. You're not driving a car. Are you know my. I remember how i'm in house okay. You're okay is it. Your house is your house at my house is in my parents house. I'm sure do your do. Your mom and dad wanted to know why their daughter jennifer is screaming in the background there there. There's a fine. They are fine. But i can't believe ram it's bigger than that. I mean you want two thousand dollars. it's all yours from the free money. Phone tap congratulations jennifer. I can't believe i. I can't believe i this is. This is so amazing. Thank you you kind of wonder what the odds are. I don't even know exactly what they are. But they were against you. But you beat the odds jennifer You're a very lucky person today. All hold on one second. Jennifer thousand on the way. Don't forget snickers taken advantage of are sunday night football games and they want to give you a lot of prizes In doing so good a candy call it dot com for all the rules and you can enter to win some prizes. That's candy call it. Dot com danielle. Yes you ready to fly. Yeah so what do you have. You guys remember. The other day with conor mcgregor and machine gun kelly right and connor wanted to meet him on the red carpet and he wound up throwing a drink at gun. Kelly because he wouldn't say hi well. Conor mcgregor has a netflix stock. You series on the way and remember. I told you he's doing this for publicity. I am sorry but he is. I am so convinced. The first episode. He did it because he's a hot head. He seems to do it without documentaries. Coming out chair through a bus window so fast. But how do we know. He doesn't do all this to keep himself out there his name out there. So that when the docu series comes out we're interested in watching you and your conspiracy think i'm crazy but i mean you are crazy. Ireland baldwin is defending haley bieber. Cousin after a lot of people were troll in them at the met gala people were chanting. Selena gomez when. The couple arrived exactly ireland. Why are people so stupid now. Dyrlund said they are one of the happiest and most in love couples that she has ever seen. She's gotten the chance to be around them. They don't care about all the crap and all the trolls and they said you guys can keep tryin. But it's not going to affect them. Go tell you when. I that special with justin bieber that we did for show and haley just walked in the room and just kind of interrupted and she sat down and the energy they have between them is so positive and so great. Just love to find something to whack at stop.

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