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It is drought henderson. Keeping up the handcuffed train. Those are both good picks that you guys had going back to haulers jamal williams. I absolutely love that pick. We've talked about de'andre swift's concussion history. That's something to monitor anthony. Lynn likes to use multiple running backs in his offenses. So i really really liked the jamaal williams vic tony pollard was just double checking to see if you went to. The elliott owner. Did not so this guy is just trying to ultimately snag. A late round handcuff. Potentially that could turn into more matt ryan. And yeah daryl henderson i. I like darrell henderson. To we talked about in the spicy takes episode the fact that just because malcolm brown has gone does not mean the additional touches are going to camakers. I think the opposite. I think they're going to daryl henderson. I think that's really good value for where you just got him. Thank you that say more. Nice things about my team. You're welcome if a lot better brandin cooks After henderson goes fields rugs mooney lance cousins. Girly girly you. I will never not laugh at a todd. Gurley pick so do not drive. Todd gurley I love that going in front though. So after todd gurley. I'm on the clock and you're torn now you're going early i show. I'm just down just having a pivot so hard here no. I'm actually between two two players in a kind of goes against my traditional thinking. I normally i go handcuffs. I wanna go other people's handcuffs. But i do like can gain while here in the spot to and i'm really considering him but ultimately i like i am going upside so i'm gonna take alexander madison but i do want to call it that i'm i was really debating kenny gain while here gain while is going to be going to me shortly. I dunno hollers gotta pick coming up here. Have and i've went to running backs. Let's see what falls to me. we got. Ty hilton and russell gauge really liked that russel gauge. Pick there. and i'll let gain while slide idea here with gauge go. And he was there with me with hartman and gabe davis high on. Actually all three of them this year mad. I don't know where you're at on. Hardman the syrian. I'm higher this year. Then even last year. Don't do it. Take your gabe davis. You just talked about how good he's going to be a top twenty four wide receiver. Yup so what you're saying that will just try to stab stab and poke a little bit. Here take mccall with with a wink wa. I'm not gonna look over at. Yeah wow he goes hartman over his hot. Take of davis who could be a top thirty. I think you should probably make it back to me. Know who you're drawl as well after that snipe co asah rondo more and then kenny gain even get kenneth gain. Well are you kidding. Yeah the team..

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