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WJR News Marie Osborne London's Metropolitan Police say they are treating, the, crash outside of parliament this morning. As a terrorist incident officials say the man is in his twenties he was arrested on suspicion of terrorism after a silver Ford Fiesta collided with a number. Of. Cyclists, and pedestrians before crashing into. The barriers during the morning, rush-hour again the man is in custody, two people were hurt, officials say, those injuries are not life threatening It was a thunderous tribute to the Queen of soul at the beyond say, and, Jay z. concert at Ford field. Last night in a sing along tribute the crowd sang respect and honor of Detroit's favorite daughter as tributes pour in from around the country everyth- Franklin is. In. Hospice, care today her family at. Her side Franklin has been, battling health issues for several years now Police say the person of interest in the, suspicious death of a woman at a no, by mobile home is in custody this morning j. Allen Burnett, turned himself into the. Michigan state police post in oak park according to police a thirty seven year old woman found dead inside the Novi meadows mobile home park police, say it was a domestic incident sixty two Sonoko Michigan gas stations have been named in a federal lawsuit accused of selling biogra- without. A prescription officials say the stations are wrongfully selling by Akra. Supplements as quote all, natural male. Enhancement supplements Papa John's extending an. Olive branch to restaurant owners having a hard time bringing in the dough sales, have plunged since former CEO and chairman John Schneider created a PR crisis for, the company over his use of a racial slur during a conference call with a marketing firm but. Now the PC jeans is going to. Help out restaurant owners struggling to say you're float the company will cut some. Royal 'these food prices and online fees for the remainder of the year and it will also help franchisees pay for new mortgaging in-store, images meantime Schneider, is suing the company claiming the poor performance is not due to his controversial, comments I'm Sierra Crawford a fourth person has been charged in a, growing probe of corruption at Detroit's big airport the man who ran former McComb county public works Commissioner Anthony Morocco's failed reelection bid, has been indicted in a widening probe of, corruption and Detroit metropolitan airport Angelo Di Allesandro fifty four was, charged with failing to. Report a felony he's accused of knowing of wire fraud but failing to tell federal investigators deal asandra was charged with a criminal information which means, a plea deal is in the works the sentence carries a three year prison term Anthony Morocco has not been charged with a crime. Ken Rogulski WJR news the lights are back on at the. Scott building.

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