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I'm not done yet. Oh, yes. Okay, sorry. Know hello, sir. In this show, in this show, I'm the boss. In the real world, you're the boss. All back in line, yes, sir. That's right. I'm sorry. Be sure to check us out wherever you get your podcasts, whether that be Spotify, Apple, Google. I mean, we're everywhere. So feel free to hit that like button and subscribe and whatever other social media stuff that they I know they're all different is the problem with comments and stars and just do whatever's good. Anything positive. We don't want anything negative. Yeah, only positive stuff I've been seeing. We've got some positive ratings on Spotify for sure we're like a 4.8 rating on there out of 5. Nice. Apple podcasts, I think we're like 4.6. Just keep those positive ratings going. Keep the positive vibe going and carry on, I'll keep talking about NASCAR and having fun with it. Also, we've been posting out some pretty awesome videos each week on the social channels as well. I like those. A little clips from the show. And I think that's really helped people kind of remember, one, if they haven't listened to the show that week to go tune in and two, if they weren't listening, they go, oh, you know what? Maybe I need to listen to this, thanks. So welcome for anyone who's gotten here by way of those new videos. And certainly from your website, Toby Christie dot com. We've got a widget there, kind of in the middle. You scroll down a little bit, and there we are. Yeah, right there. You can see our mugs right there. That's right. So anywhere you want to get your podcast, we don't care, 'cause we're everywhere. And just go ahead and make sure you listen and download and tell your Friends and if you like NASCAR, this is where it's at. Yes, before we get a NASCAR news though, 'cause I know this is the segment where we kind of talk about all the NASCAR news. Jamie Johnson Carrie. Fractured hands still gutted it out. Ran a race at Long Beach. What do you think about that? Well, and now he's robo Johnson. Did you see the x-ray? Yeah. He's like, he's got parts in him now. So the old Lowe's commercial where he was like a robot or whatever or was that Matt Kenseth. I don't remember, but I don't remember that either, but yeah. I can't believe you gutted it out. First of all, and second of all, now he's had the surgery. He's got a screw in his finger, I guess. Yeah. How impressive was his race team and doctors molding a piece of carbon fiber for his injury so he can put the glove over his hand. It was amazing. It was incredible. The whole effort was incredible. It was cool to see that he got it out when it first happened. I was like, well, that's probably going to be it. We might not even be seeing him in the Indy 500 now. Well, we saw this giant cast thing on when he did the video. I was like, there's no way. This is not going to work. So kudos to them for getting an all squared away and getting Jimmy, where he can compete. I know it wasn't the most impressive performance on the scoreboard. But making it through the whole weekend despite numerous crashes leading up to the race. I feel like he has to feel pretty good about at least getting out that race. Well, he's got his eye on the prize, the Indianapolis 500. So yeah, so we'll have to see how this goes, what to see if that does aggravate him at all while he is there, but luckily the surgery was completed. It was a success. And we'll see how it goes from there. But let's get into some NASCAR news, but I wanted to bring up some Jimmy Johnson stuff for you. I know you're the Jimmy Homer at for like long time at this point. So that doesn't count as NASCAR news, I guess. 7 championships doesn't qualify him, I guess. What has he done lately? Right. News of the week coming to you from Toby Christie dot com and we begin with an Earnhardt driving the number three at Talladega. Does it get any better than that? Oh my goodness. That's wild to think about. Wow. So yeah, Jeffrey Earnhardt, not Dale Earnhardt junior or anybody else like that. So Jeffrey Arnold. Jeffrey and heard the grandson of the legendary Dale Earnhardt senior will be driving the number three RCR Xfinity series car, which is a brand new car that bring out. They've had the two in the 21 this year. They're unveiling the three that will be coming out of Talladega with forever long sponsorship. And how cool would it be to see him mixing it up for the win at Talladega in that three car? That'd be cool. It's a top ride. So, I mean, it could happen. He's got a chance for sure, and I know that those guys have been working on stuff like this for a long time to see them pull that kind of a deal off. It was pretty cool. Yeah, yeah. Next we got to Cass grala, not to be confused with kaz grala to the 48 Xfinity car as his spell check. Yeah, so this is interesting too, because Jade buford has been the driver for the 48 big machine racing team in the Xfinity series since they opened. This is a change from the plans here. Jade buford is being shelved for at least two races Talladega and Dover while kaz grala comes in and kind of detects whether or not there's an issue with the car or maybe if there was an issue behind the wheel. So got to kind of be nervous if you're J buford because you don't want to lose your ride. But you also want your equipment to be good if you're coming back. It's kind of a weird spot, right? Right. Totally. This is strange. So the team owner, Steve porchetta, who is being honest and is released that he sent, he said, quote, we've made a very serious commitment to the NASCAR Xfinity series, including our strategic partnership with RCR. And at this time, we need to evaluate all aspects of the team as I am determined to run up front end quote. He didn't say we hate Jade, we want to kick him to the curb or anything like that, but he did say that they are determined to run up front. And if you change the driver, the next driver runs up front, there's a chance the other driver's not coming back. So let's go. For sure, for sure. Hey, friend of the show, Justin Allgaier going cup this weekend. Man, that's so cool. 77 spire entry. He's got the brand colors on there. It's gonna be really cool to see what Justin Allgaier.

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