Canada raises more than $3.8 billion for poor girls' education at G7


Very very clearly it's the government cannot be hostile to a religious belief everybody agreed with that liberals conservatives everybody you know now we have a case coming up sometime in the next three weeks where the government and in particular the president is obviously hostile toward religious beliefs putting a ban in place that you know they've tried to decorate it and say well it's not a muslim ban but you know you can't run away from what the president said on the campaign trail which is we want a muslim ban and then to make matters even worse he said well we just found a way to make the muslim penalty you know i'm laughing because that's just ridiculous so if you put these cases together if the court is really going to be serious about respecting religious beliefs that they are in masterpiece cake shop then what about trump versus y which is the travel ban case so i think that's one really interesting angle to think about the impact that this case it's less about lgbt folks and more about the government and how it acts sorted religion so that's the biggest one the travel ban case they're up a couple of also very important voting cases and a really important privacy case so people like me are going to have a really busy month of june jay to the best of your knowledge is there even a chance that the current lineup of the supreme court stays unchanged until a year before the twenty twenty election and obviously i am assuming the garland rule would be invoked after that blocking any trump nominee the way barack obama's last nominee was blocked well that last point depends entirely on who's in charge of the senate i can i can promise you that if the republicans are in charge of the senate that that rule suddenly disappear and they will confirm they will rubberstamp whoever trump on the supreme court or any other court for that matter that rule isn't worth the paper that it's not written on does it's not even a written rule they just kind of made it up so yeah we have to go all the way i think to to twenty twenty.

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