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Chocolate chip and walnut raisin too. Wishing you a sweet holiday season. Lucy gets new time 1158 one last look at traffic through sour with Victor saragossa and unfortunately, there's a new crash in San Jose. And it's already causing quite a bit of a backup. This is on northbound 85. Just before he gets a caudal road, that's you're going to see the brake lights. It looks like it's about a good half a mile past cottle road. The two left wings are blocked. There's only three lanes there, so you're only getting by on the right lane. That's the reason why you're very heavy through there. You may want to consider using either Senate Theresa boulevard or blossom hill road as an alternate. If you already stuck in that backup, once you actually get past the scene of the incident, and that looks like it's a pretty much a clear ride all the way to let's take it all the way to Cupertino. Why not? It interstate two 80. The other issue that we've been having is very heavy traffic in the southbound direction of highway one O one and San Jose just before you get to McKee road about 5 o'clock this morning, a person on the freeway was killed hit by a car, so that's a reason yet very heavy traffic there. The two right lanes remain closed and you are slow from just after interstate 8 80. Your next traffic update at 1208 on the traffic leader in K CBS. Victor is in your local Honda dealers traffic center, and our Casey BS Bay Area forecast calling for sunny skies this afternoon, but it will stay cool heist today only in the mid 50s with some light breezes, same story for your Saturday. Traffic and weather together on the 8s on all news 106 9 and a.m. 7 40. It is Friday, December 16th, 2022, coming up on kcbs. I'm bob butler and Walnut Creek were firefighters are building bikes for needy families. So we can get

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